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1.Signed on August 13, 1999; Entered into force on August 13, 1999.
Memorandum of Technical Cooperation between the Central Weatber
Bureau (CWB) of the RePublic of China (ROC) and the Thai Meteor-
ological Department (TMD) of Thailand (revised version)
I.Date: August 13, 1999
II.Place: Central Weather Bureau, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
III.Objective: Minimizing and preventing damage caused by meteo-
rological disasters including floods, tropical cyclones, and
IV.Actions to be taken by the two Parties of the CWB and the TMD
1.Implement data exchange.
The TMD agrees to send Regional Telecommunication Hub (RTH)
data to the CWB, and the CWB agrees to provide synoptic and
upper-air data as well as numerical weather prediction (NWP
) products to the TMD.
2.The TMD and the CWB agree to upgrade the speed of Bangkok-
Taipei GTS circuit from 2400 bps to 9600 bps and to change
the protocol to be X.25 with ASCII & GRIB transmission.
3.The CWB agrees to bear the extra costs due to the upgrading
of the telecommunications system. The payment should make
to deposit as a fund to the Bangkok Bank in Taipei.
4.The upgrading of the circuit will be operated within 2 mon-
ths after the ink of both sides.
5.Improve data collection from the Southeast Asia region thr-
ough the assistance provided by the CWB and the TMD.
6.Exchange scientists including technology transfer and trai-
(1) The CWB offers to provide the TMD with training on NWP t-
(2) The TMD proposes to exchange the visits of weather forec-
asters through the familiarization flight.
(3) The TMD offers to provide necessary accommodations in Ba-
ngkok for CWB scientists to be trained in Bangkok at met-
eorological seminars under international training progra-
7.The TMD and the CWB will jointly organize meteorological s-
eminars or meetings in Bangkok or Taipei for the concerned
Southeast Asian countries.
8.The TMD and the CWB agree to exchange the publications rel-
ated to the above mentioned subjects.
9.Nowadays, the GRIB data, GRID data and Satellite data are
available at RTH-Bangkok, The abbreviated headers are as f-
* Forecast text
* Notice text
* Bathy(Japan area)
* Synop
* Satob
* Satem
* Upper air data (Airep, Temp, and Pilot)
* Warnings
* Singapore GRID model
* Sarep: cloud data from the satellite
* ECMWF GRID model; 90°E-180°E, 45°S-45°N 2.5*2.5 degr-
* Bracknell (England) GRID model
The TMD and the CWB agree to undertake the proposed plans spe-
cified in this Memorandum which is duly authorized by the rep-
resentatives of each Party.
VI.Please note:
This Memorandum shall not affect any other agreements between
the two countries.

─────────── ───────────
Lt. JG. Wit Worakupt Mr. Shinn-liang shieh
Director General Director General
Meteorological Department Central Weather Bureau
Thailand Republic of China