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1.Signed on June 20, 2001 Entered into force on June 20, 2001
Article Ⅰ - Scope
This Implementing Arrangement describes the scientific and tech-
nical activities to be undertaken by the American Institute in
Taiwan (AIT), through its designated representative, the Foreca-
st Systems Laboratory (FSL) of the National Oceanic and Atmosph-
eric Administration (NOAA), United States Department of Commerce
. It provides for continuing development of the forecast system
being developed by the Joint Forecast Systems Project. This pro-
ject is a cooperative effort between AIT's designated represent-
ative, NOAA/FSL, and the Central Weather Bureau (CWB), the desi-
gnated representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Repre-
sentative Office in the United States (TECRO).

Article Ⅱ-Authorities
The activities described in this Implementing Arrangement will
be carried out under the general terms and conditions establi-
shed by the Agreement Between the American Institute in Taiwan
and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in t-
he United States for Technical Cooperation in Meteorology and F-
orecast Systems Development, and any subsequent revision as agr-
eed to by the parties. This Implementing Arrangement is the thi-
rteenth such arrangement under a succession of umbrella agreeme-
nts between TECRO and AIT.
NOAA has authority to participate in the meteorology and foreca-
st systems development project with AIT under:
A 15 U.S.C.§§1525-1526, the DOC Joint Project Authority, which
provides that DOC may enter into joint projects with nonprofit
, research, or public organizations on matters of mutual inte-
rest, the cost of which is equitably apportioned;
B 22 U.S.C. § 3301 et seq., the Taiwan Relation Act of April 10
, 1979, Public law 96-8, which authorizes agencies of the Uni-
ted States Government to perform services for, and to accept
funds in payment from AIT;
C 15 U.S.C.§313, the Weather Service Organic Act, which author-
izes the Secretary to perform meteorological servcices;
D 49 U.S.C.§44720 (b), the Federal Aviation Act, which authori-
zes the Department of Commerce to promote safety and efficien-
cy in air navigation; and
E An agreement between AIT and the Taipei Economic and cultural
Representative Office in the United States (TECRO), which aut-
horizes AIT to provide technical assistance from a designated
agency to an agency designated by TECRO. AIT has designated NO
AA to provide technical assistance in meteorology and forecast
systems development. TECRO has designated the Central Weather
Bureau (CWB) of Taiwan to receive such technical assistance.
This Implementing Arrangement is hereby attached to that Agreem-
ent and becomes part of the Agreement.

Aticle Ⅲ - Services
During the six - month period of Implementing Arrangement #13,
the FSL - CWB joint team will focus on two ongoing tasks. The
two ongoing tasks are: 1) the Local Analysis and Prediction Sys-
tem (LAPS), which performs high - resolution analyses and provi-
des short - range forecasts of the weather using both locally a-
nd centrally available meteorological observations, and 2) cont-
inuing interaction on earlier cooperative projects. These coope-
rative activities, described in more detail in the Statment of
Work, will include the folowing two tasks:

Task #1 - Local Analysis and Prediction System (LAPS)
FSL and CWB have developed basic LAPS capability at CWB during
Implementing Arrangement #12. For Implementing Arrangement #13,
FSL will work on ingesting satellite data into cloud and surface
analysis. FSL also will use CWB's NEXRAD radar data to complete
the level Ⅲ scheme. FSL also will provide LAPS training and te-
chnical support during running LAPS at CWB.

Task #2 - Continuing Interaction on Earlier Cooperative Projects
Several earlier cooperative tasks have been completed. Technolo-
gy has been transferred successfully and is beginning to be used
operationally at CWB. FSL's development in these areas continues
, and further CWB/FSL interaction is important to keep CWB staff
up - to - date on current developments. This task will allow co-
ntinuing interaction at an appropriate level, including new sof-
tware releases of the forecast information system including the
internet - based forecast workstation, data assimilation, forec-
aster training, exchange of visits, copying papers and reports,
and e-mail interaction.

Article Ⅳ - Financial Provisions
In accordance with the Agreement, NOAA/FSL is undertaking this
work as the designated representative of AIT. TECRO is required
to reimburse AIT for all costs incurred by AIT's designated rep-
resentative, NOAA/ FSL, in association with the projects covered
by this Implementing Arrangement. AIT will transfer to NOAA/FSL
all payments made by TECRO to AIT for costs incurred by NOAA/ FS
L in association with this Implementing Arrangement.
The total cost for activities described in this Implementing Ar-
rangement is mutually agreed to be U.S.$250,000.00. TECRO agrees
to transfer fifty percent of the funds to AIT in advance, with
the remaining fifty percent to be transferred upon completion of
the year's activities.
The funding arrangement represents an equitable apportionment of
project costs. NOAA's performance of activities under this agre-
ement is subject to The availability of funds.

Article Ⅴ - Intellectual Property Considerations
No intellectual property considerations are expected to arise in
conjunction with activities described in this Implementing Arra-
ngement. Existing system designs and computer software of the FS
L Forecast System are in the public domain. Reports, specificat-
io ns, and computer software prepared under this Implementing A-
rrangement also will be in the public domain once NOAA and CWB
have approved them in final form.

Article Ⅵ - Effective Date, Amendment, and Termination
This Implementing Arrangement is effective on the date of the l-
ast signature hereto. This Implementing Arrangement may be amen-
ded and/or terminated in accordance with the terms of the Agree-
ment. The duration of this Implementing Arrangement will be six
months from the date of the last signature.


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Lyushun Shen Barbara Schrage
Deputy Representative Deputy Managing Director

6/20/01 6/12/01
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