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1.Signed on April 6, 2001 Entered into force on January 1, 2001
This Implementing Arrangement describes the cooperative scienti-
fic, technical, engineering and administrative activities to be
undertaken by the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and its de-
signated representative, the University Corporation for Atmosph-
zeric Research (UCAR), to develop and implement an Advanced Ope-
rational Aviation Weather System (AOAWS). The AOAWS is a cooper-
ative effort between the Taipei Economic and Cultural Represent-
ative Office in the United States (TECRO), through its designat-
edrepresentative, the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA), of
the ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) and AIT
, through its designated representative UCAR. This Implementing
Arrangement pertains to the Agreement (dated February 1998, her-
einafter referred to as the Agreement) between TECRO and AIT for
Technical Cooperation associated with the Establishment of Adva-
nced Operational Aviation Weather Systems and is a part of the
The activities described in this Implementing Arrangement will
be carried out under the general terms and conditions establish-
ed by the Agreement. The Agreement was entered into by the part-
ies pursuant to the Taiwan Relations Act of April 10, 1979. Pub-
lic Law 96-8 (22 USC 3301 et seq.).
The AOAWS will provide TECRO's designated representative CAA, t-
he airlines and the flying public on Taiwan with state-of-the -
art aviation weather technology for:1) hazardous weather phenom-
ena that affect aviation operations, 2) weather phenomena that
affect airspace capactiy and safety at the three major hub airp-
orts, and 3) weather phenomena that affect overall efficiency of
aviation operations. The AOAWS is a complex system utilizing se-
veral advanced weather sensing subsystems, integrated communica-
tions, advanced software developed by AIt's designated represen-
tative UCAR, advanced numerical weather forecast models develop-
ed by UCAR, and advanced display technology for TECRO's designa-
ted representative CAA and airline end users developed by UCAR.
The successful implementation of the AOAWS is heavily dependent
on technical cooperation and technology transfer between the de-
signated represntatives of TECRO and AIT in accordance with the
terms and conditions of the Agreement, this Implementing Arrang-
ement, and furure Implementing Arrangements to be agreed upon by
the parties.
This Implementing Arrangement is specifically focused on :1) the
implementation of the version-3 AOAWS system at the Taipei Aero-
nautical Meteorological Center (TAMC) and the expansion of the
development environment at TECRO's designated representative CAA
, weather station and flight information service facilities, 2)
continued development, refinement, and implementation of aviati-
on weather data servers and end user displays, 3) continued dev-
elopment and implementation of the numerical weather forecast m-
odel to be used in the system, 4) devlopment and completion of
version-3 aviation weather products, and 5) providing technical
support to TECRO's designated representative CAA for the procur-
ement of a windshear system for kaohsiung International Airport
and providing support for windshear event analyses associated w-
ith the new Low Level Windshear Alert Systems (LLWAS) at Sungsh-
an and Chiang Kai Shek (CKS) airports.
The technical cooperation to be undertaken under the auspices of
this implementing Arrangement is defined by the following tasks.
Task details, including specific work to be performed, performa-
nce period, and estimated cost for each task are contained in t-
he Statement for Work.
A summary description of the tasks to be performed during this
period is provided below.
Task #1 - System Implementation
This task focuses on the implementation of version-3 software i-
ncluding the Multidimensional Display System (MDS), System Moni-
tor Display (SMD), Web Multidemensional Display System (WMDS),
date servers and product software. During this fiscal year, the
AOAWS FIR system will expand beyond the TAMC. AOAWS displays wi-
ll be installed at Taipei Area Control Center (TACC), Flight In-
formation Service (FIS), and Weather Stations. The numerical we-
ather forecast model (MM5) will run four times daily on the CAA'
s Cooperative Partner, the Central Weather Bureau's (CWB), high
performance computer and provide output to other AOAWS system c-
omponents. The overall system will be debugged and prepared for
acceptance testing, which will take place in FY2002.
Task #2 - End User Display Development
The major objective during this year is to develop and implement
version-3 display software and to debug the system in preparati-
on for acceptance testing in FY2002. Version-3 display software
will include the MDS, SMD, and WMDS systems. The new sofware wi-
ll include enhanced product, features, and functions. This year,
the MDS and WMDS display systems will be implemented at the Sun-
gshan Airport (SS) weather Station and FIS, CKS Airport Weather
Station and FISs, Kanhsiung Airport (KH) Weather Station and FI-
Ss,and at the Taipei Area Control Center (TACC).
Task #3 - MM5 Model Development
MM5 development during FY2001 will focus on: (i) tuning the 135/
45/15-km configuration MM5 on the Fujitsu VPP5000 high performa-
nce computer at CAA's Cooperative partner CWB, (ii) developing
and implementing the 135/45/15-km configuration MM5 with 3DVAR,
and (iii) beginning development at AIT's designated representat-
ive UCAR of the 135/45/15/5-km configuration MM5 with 3DVAR. The
3- domain, 135/45/15-km MM5 model with 3DVAR will run at CAA's
Cooperative Partner CWB on a6-hour update cycle. The model outp-
ut will flow to the AOAWS Development Laboratory at the TAMC an-
d will be utilized by the AOAWS data servers and displays. Task
#4 - Porting and Parallelization of the MM5 System
This task includes the porting and parallelization of the MM5 s-
ystem sofware to the distributed-memory parallel (DMP) Fujitsu
architecture. This work was necessitated by the implementation
of the Fujitsu VPP5000 High Perfomance Computer (HPC) at CAA's
Cooperative Partner CWB, which will be the computer that will h-
ost the MM5 system software. The porting component consists of
getting the AOAWS MM5 system codes to compile and run successfu-
lly on the Fujitsu VPP5000.
Taks #5- Flight Information Region (FIR) Product Development
The third version of the wind, temperature, fligh category, fre-
ezing level, lightning, METAR, satellite, and turbulence produc-
ts will be installed on the AOAWS system this year. Real time m-
eteorological date originating at TECRO's designated repesentat-
ive CAA, and CAA's Cooperative Partner CWB, and from the MM5 mo-
del will be ingested and utilized by AOAWS data servers.
Task #6 - Terminal Windshear Systems
The major focus for this year is to support TECRO's designated
representative CAA during the tender and system acquisition pha-
ses for a windshear detection system for kaohsiung international
Airport. The performance of the Sungshan and CKS Low-Level Wind-
shear Imlementing Arrangement No.4 12/28/00
Alert Systems (LLWAS), which were implemented in FY2000, will a-
lso be investigated by analyzing selected windshear event cases.
This task includes:1) preparing a technical specification for a
windshear detection system for Kaohsiung International Airport,2
) supporting TECRO's designated repersentative CAA during the t-
ender and system acquisition phases of the Kaohsiung internatio-
nal Airport windshear system, and 3) analyzing windshear case d-
ata and responding to tecnical qustions and issues raised by the
operation of the LLWAS systems at SS and CKS airports.
Task #7- AOAWS Project Management
The development of the AOAWS system will be led by AIT's design-
ated representative UCAR, with software, system engineering, and
programmatic support from UCAR's Cooperative Partner, the Insti-
tute for Information Industry (Ⅲ). During the course of the AOA
WS project, TECRO's designated representative CAA will work clo-
sely with AIT's designated representative UCAR to address proje-
ct-related questions and issues as necessary and appropriate. AI
T's designated repressentative UCAR will participate in project
review meetings to ensure that the project remains on schedule.
The project management task includes responding to requests ma-
de by TECRO's designated representative CAA, developing, coordi-
nating, and managing the work performed by AIT's designated rep-
resentative UCAR and UCAR's Cooperative Partner Ⅲ, interfacing
with project participants including the CAA and CAA's Cooperati-
ve Partner CWB, and the airlines, preparing quarterly progress
reports, participating in AOAWS project-related meetings, revie-
wing and submitting deliverable documents, preparing and submit-
ting project correspondence, and administering the AOAWS contra-
cts and subcontracts.
In accordance with the Agreement, UCAR is undertaking this tech-
nical cooperation as the designated representative of AIT. TECRO
will reimburse AIT and its designated representative UCAR for a-
ll costs incurred in association with this Implementing Arrange-
ment. AIT and its designated representative UCAR's costs for th-
is technicl cooperation will be assessed on the basis of actual
labor time and materials utilized, plus a 3 % management fee.
It is also agreed that fifty percent (50%) of the estimated co-
st for the tasks associated with this Implementing Arrangement
will be transferred in advance to AIT and its designated repres-
entative UCAR and that the remaining cost will be reimbursed wi-
thin 30 days after acceptance of the deliverables by TECRO and
its designated representative CAA. It is agreed and understood
that although the costs are given in NT$, the payment will be p-
rovided in US$. The agreed on upper limit for expenditures incu-
rred under this Implementing Arrangement is $62,832,722NT. AIT
and its designated representative UCAR will submit an invoice to
TECRO for payment at the beginning of the contract period and at
the end of the contract period listing actual costs incurred.
The deliverables produced under the auspices of this Implementi-
ng Arrangement shall be the sole property of TECRO and its desi-
gnated representative CAA. AIT and its designated representative
UCAR shall have the right to reference these documents in scien-
tific publications and other reports as necessary.
This Implementing Arrangement takes effect 1 January 2001 and t-
he completion date of tasks described in this Implementing Arra-
ngement is 31 December 2001.This Implementing Arrangement may be
amended and /or terminated in accordance with the terms and con-
ditions of the Agreement.

Yiuy - Yuan lee Baubin J.Sehn
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