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1.Signed on May 5 and 12, 1998; Entered into force on May 12, 1998.
This Implementing Arrangement describes the technical activities
to be undertaken by the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and
its representative, the Office of Systems Operations (OSO) of t-
he National Weather Service (NWS) of the National Oceanic and A-
tmospheric Administration (NOAA). It provides for the provision
of operations, maintenance, and reconditioning support for the
Weather Surveillance Radar (WSR-88D) System between the Central
Weather Bureau (CWB) of Taiwan, the designated representative of
the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the U-
nited States (TECRO), and NOAA/NWS/OSO. All Services will be pr-
ovided on a reimbursable basis.

The activities described in this Implementing Arrangement will
be carried out under the general terms and conditions establish-
ed by the Agreement between TECRO and AIT for technical coopera-
tion in scientific and weather technology systems support. This
Implementing Arrangement is hereby attached to that Agreement a-
nd becomes part of the Agreement.

The operations, maintenance, and reconditioning support for the
WSR-88D System is directed toward three general areas:
*operations, maintenance, and engineering documentation;
*hardware and software enhancements/modifications; and
*reconditioning support.
These support activities will include the following tasks:
Task #l-Provision of Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering D-
ocumentation to CWB NOAA/NWS will provide CWB with appl-
icable updates to operator handbooks and documentation
related to the WSR-88D on a reimbursable basis. In addi-
tion NOAA/NWS will provide CWB with applicable updates
to technical manuals and engineering data required for
on-site maintenance of the WSR-88D. Manuals, updates, a-
nd documentation will be in the English language.
Task #2-Provision of Hardware and Software Enhancements/Replace-
ments to CWB NOAA/NWS will provide CWB, at cost, with a-
pplicable hardware and software enhancements developed
and/or procured for the WSR-88D. NOAA/NWS will provide
English language installation and modification instruct-
ions and notes. This includes adaptation data and maps,
diagnostic software, and operating and applications sof-
Task #3-Provision of Reconditioning Support to CWB
On a reimbursable basis, NOAA/NWS shall provide CWB with
replacement and depot repair of line replaceable units
for WSR-88D hardware. To recieve the same level of logi-
stics and reconditioning support as is provided the NWS
systems, the CWB must purchase, as a minimum complement
of on-site spares, the same parts contained in the NWS
Initial Spares Support List. In addition, due to the ti-
me required to ship and return failed parts and the sub-
sequent negative impact on the spares pipeline, the CWB
shall, at a minimum, purchase a complete set of radio f-
requency dependent spare parts to be used by CWB as on-
site spares. NOAA/NWS will provide CWB with all consu m-
ables centrally stocked by NWS.
Conditions for Providing Service
In order for NOAA/NWS/OSO to provide the services listed, the f-
ollowing conditions must be met by the host of the radar being
A.All customs clearances must be coordinated and all taxes and
costs for shipment of WSR-88D equipment, parts, and consumabl-
es to and from Taiwan must be paid;
B.the system (s) must be maintained in a standard configuration.
Should the HEXRAD(s) configuration violate the NWS/DOD/FAA ba-
seline, the NWS will not be required to support the non-confi-
guration designated items. In addition, the NWS will be unable
to guarantee that standard configuration LRUs, software, and
modifications to the system will operate properly;
C.NOAA standard, peculiar, and common support equipment must be
D.the same parts contained in the NWS Initial Spares Support Li-
st must be purchased as a minimum complement of on-site spares
; a complete set of radio frequency dependent spare parts must
be purchased as on-site spares;
E.prescribed and standard NWS maintenance practices, procedures,
policies, and schedules must be followed; and
F.a point of contact to establish map overlay requirements, in
particular to determine what features will be included in the
coverage area for Taiwan, must be provided.

In accordance with the Agreement, TECRO will reimburse AIT for
all costs incurred by AIT and its designated representative NOAA
, in association with this .Implementing Arrangement, including
applicable DOC/NOAA/NWS overhead costs and all taxes levied on
WSR-88D equipment, parts, and consumables shipped to or from Ta-
The total costs for activities described in this Implementing A-
rrangement are dependent on variables such as frequency and ext-
ent of documentation updates; frequency and cost of hardware and
software enhancements/replacements; and system failure rates. As
such, it is impossible to project in advance the actual charges
for the services provided. NOAA/NWS estimates that the average
reconditioning costs for a WSR-88D are $80,300 per year and that
the average annual cost per system for consumables is $15,000
The average cost for operations and applications software loads
is estimated at $7,400 per site; the average cost for a diagnos-
tic software load is .estimated at $2,100 per site. Assuming the
following map overlay requirements: country boundaries, rivers,
highways, cities, and airports there would be a per site cost of
$2,000 for the data license and $9,500 for the initial map over-
lay development. Assuming no requirement for custom hybrid scan
and occultation data files, the default files would cost $200.
Should additional specific map overlay requirements be establis-
hed, an additional cost for data would be incurred plus $8,500
per month of labor effort. The estimated cost of updates to tec-
hnical documentation, including operations manuals, is $6,000.
The cost of hardware updates required to maintain a standard co-
nfiguration varies from upgrade to upgrade as does their freque-
ncy; therefore no average cost can be estimated. The costs of p-
roviding hardware and software enhancements must be paid prior
to shipment, due to the variability in the expense and frequency
of this support. AIT agrees to give TECRO at least a 90-day not-
ification of upcoming hardware and software enhancements/replac-
ements. All costs are estimated in U.S. dollars. Costs for all
other operations support will be billed on a quarterly basis.

Any and all obligations of NOAA under this Implementing Arrange-
ment are subject to the availability of appropriated funds. Not-
hing in this agreement will be construed by the parties to requ-
ire the obligation, appropriation, or expenditure of any Federal
funds Before the beginning of every second fiscal year after th-
is Implementing Arrangement is signed, AIT shall notify TECRO in
writing whether sufficient appropriated funds are available to
cover the estimated costs to NOAA of providing the stated goods-
nd services hereunder for the next 2 fiscal years (excluding the
cost of hardware and software enhancements). If NOAA's notifica-
tion states that insufficient funds are available, NOAA shall be
under no obligation to provide goods or services hereunder until
sufficient appropriated funds are made available. Under no circ-
umstances shall NOAA be liable to AIT or any other entity for a-
ny failure to provide goods or services under this Implementing
Arrangement owing to the unavailability of appropriated funds.

This Implementing Arrangement is effective on the date of the l-
ast signature hereafter. This Implementing Arrangement may be a-
mended and/or terminated by either party in accordance with the
terms of the Agreement. Because the support called for in this
agreement is ongoing, no completion date can be estimated at th-
is time.

[Signed] [Signed]
Peter P.C. Cheng Barbara J. Schrage
Date: May 12, 1998 Date: May 5, 1998