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1.Signed on April 20 and 21, 1982; Entered into force on April 21, 1982.
Purpose of the Annex
This annex sets forth the general terms and conditions under wh-
ich the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) may provide technical
assistance, advisory and consultant services to the Coordination
Council for North American Affairs (CCNAA) for modernizing the
civil aviation infrastructure, facilities, and airspace sysem of
the party represented by CCNAA. In order to fulfill the objecti-
ve of this Annex, the AIT will provide the personnel and the se-
rvices necessary to assist the CCNAA with takes that CCNAA deems
appropriate commensurate with their objectives to assist the pa-
rty represented by CCNAA with the improvement of its aviation s-

Description of Services
A.The AIT will provide specialists in the fields of air traffic
control, facility engineering, aviation safety, and other avi-
ation related disciplines to develop and implement programs r-
elated to the improvement, operation and evaluation of the ai-
rspace system of the party represented by CCNAA. All service
rendered under this Annex shall be specified in corresponding
appendices which when signed by duly authorized representativ-
es of AIT and CCNAA will become part of this Agreement Annex.
B.The AIT and CCNAA agree that each appendix will contain a des-
cription of services to be performed by the AIT for the CCNAA,
location of such services, the manpower and such other resour-
ces required to accomplish these tasks, the estimated costs of
the tasks and related payments, planned implementation and du-
C.Each appendix to this Annex will be identified in the followi-
ng manner:the number of the annex (NAT-I-845-3) followed by an
Arabic numeral beginning with 1, with subsequent appendices to
follow in numerical sequence. The first appendix shall be ide-
ntified as NAT-I-845-3-1.

Financial Provisions
A.The CCNAA shall arrange to pay the AIT, in accordance with pr-
ovisions set forth in appendices made a part of this Annex, t-
he amount of actual costs incurred by AIT in rendering servic-
es and overhead charges, including all costs arising from the
expiration or termination of this Annex and Appendices.
B.The CCNAA identifies the office to which the AIT will render
financial statements and consult on related financial matters
with the office indicated in paragraph B, Article Ⅲ of the b-
asic agreement (NAT-I-845).
C.Annex Number NAT-I-845-3 has been assigned by AIT to identify
this project and should be referred to in all related corresp-
D.Payments of bills are due within not more than 60 days from t-
he date of billing. Payments are to be rendered by check paya-
ble in U.S. dollars.
In the event that payment is not rendered within 60 days from t-
he date of billing, regulations require that late charges be as-
sessed for each additional 30 day period, or portion thereof, d-
uring which payments are overdue. The basis used by AIT to comp-
ute such charges shall be consistent with the following. The la-
te charge will be computed by multiplying the amount of the ove-
rdue payment by the official monthly percentage rate periodical-
ly determined and prescribed by the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Any changes in the services furnished, charges or other provisi-
ons of this Annex or its appendices shall be in accordance with
Article V of the basic agreement (NAT-I-845).

Effective Date, Duration and Termination
This Annex becomes effective upon signature of the duly authori-
zed representatives of the AIT and CCNAA and shall remain in ef-
fect until such time as the Agreement NAT-I-845, expires or is
terminated. This Annex and related appendices may be terminated
at any time by either party by sixty (60) days notice in writin-
g. Any such termination shall allow the AIT 120 days to close o-
ut the program operations. All AIT costs incurred as a result of
terminstion of this Annex or any of its appendices shall be rei-
mbursed by the CCNAA to the AIT.
The AIT and CCNAA agree to the provisions of this Annex as indi-
cated by the signatures of their duly authorized officers.

The Coordination Council for
North American Affairs
Tsai Wei-ping
April 20, 1982
The American Institute in Taiwan
David Dean
Chairman of the Board
and Managing Director
April 21, 1982


This Appendix identifies specific services to be provided by AIT
for the CCNAA, in accordance with Annex Ⅲ.

Description of Services
The AIT will provide two specialists with backgrounds in airwor-
thiness maintenance and flight operations on a temporary duty b-
asis (TDY) to travel to Taipei for a period of approximately th-
ree weeks. The specialists will participate in a review of the
existing civil aviation system to ascertain that a clear deline-
ation can be established relative to functions and duties betwe-
en the aviation authority and the airlines. The specialists will
provide recommendations designed to promote flight safety. AIT
will arrange for the specialists to depart for Taipei to meet a
mutually developed schedule. Should additional services be requ-
ired, the date and length of service will be provided for by mu-
tual agreement between AIT and CCNAA, and will be appropriately
documented by an amendment to this Appendix.

Manpower Requirements and Cost

2 each Aviation Specialists
(for three weeks) $ 8,954
Travel Transportation-Taipei $ 8,236
Washington Support $ 570
Total $17,760
Overhead 12% $ 2,131
Contingency $ 1,109
Grand Total $21,000

Financial Provisions/Procedures
A. The CCNAA shall arrange to reimburse the AIT for its cost in
providing services under this Appendix. AIT bills will:
1 Contain a reference to the Appendix number assigned this p-
roject (NAT-I-845-3-1) ;
2 Identify charges accrued at the time of billing and periods
3 Be forwarded for payment in accordance with Article Ⅲ, Ag-
reement NAT-I-845.
The AIT and CCNAA agree to the provisions of this Appendix as i-
ndicated by signature of their duly authorized officers.

The Coordination Council for
North American Affairs
Tsai Wei-ping
April 20, 1982

The American Institute in Taiwan
David Dean
Chairman of the Board
and Managing Director
April 21, 1982