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1.Signed on March 31 and April 14, 1998; Entered into force on April 14, 1998.
1.The Expedited Mail Service (EMS) is the collection, forwarding
, delivery of correspondence, documents and merchandise with a
priority treatment.
2.Scheduled service: it is a modality of the EMS in which the i-
tems are accepted on the basis of an agreement established be-
tween the Administration of origin and the sender. This agree-
ment establishes the posting hour, collecting hour, and the f-
orwarding hour of EMS items as well as the frequency of the s-
ervice's performance.
3.On-demand Service: it is a modality of the EMS in which items
are accepted without a previous schedule.

Each Administration has complete freedom to establish its EMS r-
ates to be paid by senders for despatch of their items. The Pos-
tal Administration of origin can keep the total amount of the r-
evenue obtained.

Acceptance conditions

The EMS items shall:
(a) be packed according to the nature of their contents and con-
veyance conditions besides having the names addresses and t-
elephone numbers (if available) of the addressee and the se-
(b) fulfill the weight/dimensions requisites established by the
Administration of destination.

The complete forwarding of EMS items (from their posting up to
their delivery) is performed by the fastest means of conveyance.

Remuneration in the case of imbalance
(a) After a period of one year, the Administration which receiv-
es a greater number of items than the total despatched has
the right to claim from the other Administration a remunera-
tion for handling delivery expenses in respect of each surp-
lus item received.
(b) Each Administration will fix (in SDR-SPECIAL DRAWING RIGHT)
a rate of compensation per item received in excess for the
preparation of imbalance account.
(c) Each Administration may change this rate when such a change
is necessary due to changes in the cost of services.
(d) To be applicable, any such change in the rate must:-
(i) be communicated to the other Administration at least three
months in advance;
(ii) remain in force for at least one year.

Internal air conveyance dues and terminal dues
1.The statement and settlement of accounts concerning the inter-
nal air conveyance dues shall be made in accordance with the
procedure laid down in the Detailed Regulations of the Univer-
sal Postal Convention.
2.Terminal dues as defined in the Universal Convention shall not
apply to EMS items.

Each Administration shall be responsible for EMS items only in
case of claims presented by the senders.

Undelivered items
Items refused by the addressee or items not delivered to him for
whatever reason, shall be returned at no extra charge to the se-
nder by means of the EMS except in cases where their return is
forbidden by the internal regulations.

1.Each Administration shall give information about EMS items as
soon as possible or within a maximum period of one month.
2.Enquiries shall be accepted only within a period of three mon-
ths from the date after that on which the item was posted.
3.This article does not authorise routine requests for confirma-
tion of delivery.

Temporary Suspension of Service
If owing to exceptional circumstances, either Administration fi-
nds itself obliged to suspend its service temporarily either wh-
olly or in part, it shall notify the other Administration of the
fact immediately. When the Administration resumes its normal op-
eration, it shall notify the other Administration by telegram,
telex or telephone.

Application of the Universal Postal Convention
The Universal Postal Convention as well as its Detailed Regulat-
ions are applicable by analogy to all situation which is not ex-
pressly governed by the present agreement and its regulations.

Alterations and Amendments
This agreement as well as its Detailed Regulations can be chang-
ed and amended by mutual consent by means of correspondence exc-
hanged between officials of each Administration.

Entry into force and duration of the agreement
1.This agreement shall enter into force on the date mutually ag-
reed upon by the Administrations after it is signed by the au-
thorised representatives of both Administrations.
2.This agreement shall remain in force for a period of twelve (1
2) months.

Each Administration may notify the other one of its intent to c-
ancel the present agreement. The cancellation request will be e-
ffective twelve (12) months after the receipt of the notificati-

For the Postal For the Postal Administration
Administration of Mauritius of The Republic of China

[Signed] [Signed]
P. LUCKANA Chen Chiung-ling
Postmaster General Director General of Posts
Posts and Telegraphs Place: Taipei
Department Date: March 31, 1998
Place: Port Louis
Date: 14 April, 1998