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1.Signed on November 10,1978; Entered into force on December 30,1978.
The undersigned, by virtue of the authority vested in them, have
drawn up the following Detailed Regulations for implementation
of the International Express Mail Agreement between the Directo-
rate General of Posts of the Republic of China and the United S-
tates Postal Service.
Information to be supplied by the administrations
1 Each administration shall notify the other administration of:
(a) the necessary information concerning customs or other regu-
lations, as well as the prohibitions or restrictions gover-
ning the entry of International Express Mail items in the
territory of its country and other areas for which it has
International Express Mail responsibility;
(b) the provisions of its laws or regulations applicable to the
conveyance of International Express Mail items;
(c) the rates and dues estalished under the Agreement; and,
(d) the forms, labels, and other documentation which it requir-
es in the service.
2 Any change of the information mentioned in section 1 shall be
communicated in writing immediately to the other administrati-
Address of the sender and of the addressee
To be admitted for mailing, each item of International Express
Mail shall bear, in roman letters and arabic figures on the item
itself or on a label firmly attached to it; the names and compl-
ete addresses of the sender and of the addressee.
Items containing merchandise
1 Each item containing merchandise or any other article subject
to customs duty shall be accompanied by a customs declaration
on Universal Postal Union form C2/CP3 or a similar form. The
customs declaration shall be securely attached to each such i-
2 The contents of each such item shall be shown in detail on the
customs declaration.
3 Although the administrations assume no responsibility for the
accuracy of customs declaration, they shall inform senders of
the correct way to complete these declarations.
4 The aggregate value of merchandise or other dutiable articles
inserted into an item for delivery in the United States may n-
ot exceed $250.
Packing requirements
1 Each item shall be packed and closed in a manner befitting the
weight, the shape, and the nature fo the contents as well as
the mode and duration of conveyance.
2 Each item shall be packed and closed so as not to present any
danger if it contains articles of a kind likely to injure off-
icials called upon to handle it or to soil or damage other ma-
il or postal equipment.
3 Each item shall have, on its packing or wrapping, sufficient
space for service instructions and for affixing lables.
4 Each item which requires special packing shall be made up in
accordance with the packing provisions in the Detailed Regula-
tions of the Convention.
General make-up of mails
1 International Express Mail dispatches shall be made up in clo-
sed mails, and shall be accompanied by the air mail delivery
bill and manifest forms required by these regulations.
2 The items in each dispatch shall be enclosed in blue and oran-
ge International Express Mail bags.
3 Items containing merchandise or other dutiable articles shall
be placed in separate gags from non-dutiable items, and shall
be dispatched separately accompanied by a separate manifest.
4 Each bag shall bear a label, showing the blue and orange chev-
ron which has been adopted as the International Express Mail
identification symbol. Each bag label shall clearly indicate:
a. the exchange office of destination; and
b. whether the bag contains merchandise or other dutiable ite-
1 An international Express Mail manifest, on a form acceptable
to each administration, shall accompany each dispatch.
2 Each item sent through the scheduled service shall be listed
spearately on the manifest. If no items are sent under a sche-
duled service contract, the contract number and the fact that
no items were sent shall be entered on the manifest.
3 The total number of no-demand items in a dispatch shall be en-
tered collectively as a single manifest entry.
4 The manifest shall clearly indicate that the dispatch contains
International Express Mail items.
Air mail delivery bills
1 An air mail delivery bill, on Universal Postal Union form AV
7, shall accompany each dispatch.
2 The air mail delivery bill shall be marked so as to indicate
clearly that the dispatch contains International Express Mail.
Exchange offices
1 The exchange of dispatches of International Express Mail shall
be carried out by the designated exchange offices of each adm-
2 Each administration shall designate its International Express
Mail exchange offices to be used in the service and inform the
the other administration of the location of each such exchange
3 Each administration shall give the other administration advan-
ce notice of redesignation of or addition to its exchange off-
Check of International Express Mail
1 Upon receipt of an Intrnational Express Mail dispatch, the ad-
ministration of destination shall check the dispatch to comfi-
rm its conformity with the air mail delivery bill.
2 The contents of each dispatch shall be cheked as soon as poss-
ible, at an office designated by the administration of destin-
ation, to confirm their conformity with the manifest.
Notification of irregularities
1 Any evidence of missing or damaged bags or items shall be rep-
orted to the administration of origin by telex or telegraph a-
nd confirmed in writing.
2 All other actions taken in connection with any irregularity s-
hall be governed by the regulations of the administration of
Redirection of items arriving out of course
The redirecting administration shall notify the administration
of origin, by telex, telegraph, or telephone, of the details co-
ncerning the arrival and redirection of each item or bag arrivi-
ng out of course.
Return of items to origin
Each administration which returns an item for any reason whatso-
ever shall give, either written by hand or by means of a stamped
impression or a label on the item and on the manifest which acc-
ompanies it, the reason for non-delivery.
Accounting, settlement of accounts
1 The procedures for accounting and for the settlement of accou-
nts for internal air conveyance shall be governed by the prov-
isions covering accounting for air mail in the Detailed Regul-
ations of the Convention.
2 The procedures for accounting and settlement of accounts for
allocation of surface costs for traffic imbalances shall be as
(a) The settlement shall take place annually. The annual period
sahll begin on the date agreed upon under the provisions
(b) Each administration shall prepare quarterly a statement of
items received on a mutually acceptable form which indica
tes the number of items received in each dispatch based up-
on the particulars of the International Express Mail manif-
ests. These forms shall be forwarded to the Administration
of origin within two months from the end of the quarter.
(c) After verifying the statement of items received, the orig
in administration shall advise the destination administrat-
ion by correspondence of its acceptance. If the verificati-
on reveals any discrepancies, a corrected statement shall
be returned to the destination administration duly amended
and accepted. If the destination administration disputes t-
he amendments, it shall confirm the actual data by sending
photocopies of relevant International Express Mail manifes-
ts and notices of irregularities to the administration of
origin. If the destination administration has received no
notice of amendment within two months from the date of for-
warding the quarterly statement of items received, the acc-
ount shall be regarded as fully accepted.
(d) After each administration has accepted the statement of it-
ems received prepared by the other, the creditor administr-
ation shall prepare annually a detailed account and statem-
ent of charges on a mutually acceptable form which indicat-
es the total number of items received and dispatched, the
imbalance, the imbalance charge per item, and the total am-
ount due.
(e) Accounts shall be closed within 6 months after the last da-
y of the settlement period.
The definitions set forth in article 2 of the Agreement shall be
applicable to these Detailed Regulations.
Period of retention of documents
1 Documents of the service shall be kept for a minimum period of
four months from the day following the date to which they ref-
2 A document concerning a dispute or an inquiry shall be kept u-
ntil the matter has been settled. If the inquiring administra-
tion, duly informed of the result of an inquiry, allows six m-
onths to elapse from the date of the communication without ra-
ising any objections, the matter shall be regarded as settled.
Alterations or amendments
These Detailed Regulations may be altered or amended, not incon-
sistently with the Agreement, by mutual consent of the administ-
rations by means of correspondence between officials of each ad-
ministration who have been authorized to make such amendments.
Entry into force and duration of these Detailed Regulations
1 These Detailed Regulations shall come into force on the same
date as the International Express Mail Agreement to which they
2 These Detailed Regulations, and any amendments hereto pursuant
to article 116, shall have the same duration as the Internati-
onal Express Mail Agreement to which they refer.
Done in duplicate and signed at Taipei on the 11th day of Sep-
tember, 1978, and at Washington, D. C., on the 10th day of No-
vember, 1978.
For the Republic of China:
Z. T. Shen
Director, International Department
For the United States of America:
H. Edgar S. Stock
Director, International Postal Affairs