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1.Signed on November 30, 2018 Entered into force on November 30, 2018
JAPAN-TAIWAN EXCHANGE ASSOCIATION ” (hereinafter individually
referred to as the “ Side ” or collectively as the “ Sides ”

in regard to paragraphs 3(1) and 3(7) of the Arrangement between
the Association of East Asian Relations and the Interchange
Association for the Establishment of the Respective Overseas
Offices on 26 December 1972,

reaffirming the need for patent protection as a key element for
fostering technological innovation and accelerating economic

noting the increasing necessity to adequately cope with the
ever-growing number of internationally filed patent applications
resulting from a significant demand for patent protection in the
context of globalization of the world economy,

acknowledging the importance of ensuring high quality,
expeditious and inexpensive patent protection for applicants
filing their applications to each other, recognizing that the
dossier information exchange will benefit both applicants and
industries by enabling comprehensive access to the dossier
information provided by the relevant authorities of both Sides,

desiring to further enhance their significant role in
cooperative efforts to be made worldwide in the field of

will cooperate with each other in order to obtain the necessary
consent from the relevant authorities with regard to the
following matters:

1. The basic concept of the dossier information exchange is that
according to user ’ s request, the dossier information,
which is the information concerning patent application
procedures and examination, is electronically transferred
between the relevant authorities of both Sides.
2. The dossier information exchange will begin promptly after
all necessary arrangements including IT system development at
each Side are finalized.
3. Technical cooperation will be made to establish the IT system
and to continue the dossier information exchange.
4. The technical specification will be finalized before the
start of the dossier information exchange.
5. In order to promote the XMLization of dossier information for
further utilization, information and experiences relating to
XMLization will be exchanged.
6. This Memorandum will enter into force on the date of
7. This Memorandum will be reviewed regularly and may be
modified by mutual consent upon request by either Side.
8. This Memorandum may be terminated by either Side by giving
the other Side six (6) months ’ prior written notice.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized
thereto, have signed this Memorandum in Taipei, on November 30,
2018 in duplicate in the English language.

For the For the
__________________ __________________
Representative Representative