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1.Signed on January 19, 2017 Entered into force on January 19, 2017
The Government of the Republic of China (ROC )


The Government of the Republic of Palau (ROP )

Hereinafter referred to as “the Parties”,

INTERESTED in strengthening cooperative relations between their
respective countries and

DESIRING to promote mutual understanding by allowing their young
nationals to appreciate the culture and way of life of each
other ’ s country by taking holidays during which they will
have the possibility of working in order to sustain the
financial resources at their disposal,

CONVINCED of the value of facilitating youth exchanges,

HAVE agreed as follows:

Article 1
This Agreement applies to young nationals of either of the two
countries desiring to stay in the territory of the other country
for the purpose of holidaying in order to increase their
knowledge of the languages, culture and society of that country
through a travel, study, internship, and work experience.

Article 2
The young persons who meet the conditions of this Agreement may
submit their application to the respective offices responsible
for such matters, that is, the ROC Embassy in Koror and the ROP
Embassy in Taipei.
Applicants shall meet the following requirements:
(a) satisfy the eligibility and other criteria set out in the
immigration legislation and policies of both Parties with
regard to any criteria not set out in subparagraphs (b) to
(b) have reached the full age of 18 years, and not more than 35
years of age, on the date the application is received;
(c) have no accompanying dependant or dependants;
(d) possess a passport issued by either Party which must be
valid for at least six months after the stated end date of
the stay in the country of which they are not nationals;
(e) have a valid return ticket or sufficient resources to
purchase one;
(f) have sufficient financial resources to provide for their
needs at the beginning of their stay, as determined by
either Party;
(g) have taken all-risk insurances for the period of which they
are authorized to stay, covering them for accidents at work
and for healthcare, including medical cost, hospitalization
and repatriation, for the full duration of their stay;
(h) submit a medical certificate proving that they are not
suffering from any disease or infirmity that may endanger
public health, order or security;
(i) produce a certificate of good conduct;
(j) prove to the visa officer that their primary objective is to
take holiday and that work is only a secondary objective and
not the main reason for the visit;
(k) have a sufficient knowledge of English or of one of the
national languages of the Parties ’ territory;
(l) pay the required fee;
(m) be domiciled in one of the Parties ’ territory at the time
of the application.

Article 3
1. Either Party, in accordance with this Agreement, will allow
the participants who meet the requirements set out in
Articles 1 and 2, to enter its territory under a multiple
entry visa. Participants of either party will initially
receive a six month visa which will be extended with an
additional six months.
2. The duration of the participants ’ stay will not exceed the
authorized period of twelve months and the purpose of their
stay will not be subject to any change during this period.

Article 4
1. Holders of a passport of either Party to whom a working
holiday visa has been issued will automatically be allowed to
work and reside temporarily in the host country for the
duration of their authorized stay.
2. Participants will be exempt from the obligation to hold a
work permit to exercise an activity as a salaried worker.
They will only be permitted to engage in temporary employment
during their visit and may not work for more than six months.
3. Participants will not be permitted to engage in any study or
training for more than six months.

Article 5
1. Participants shall be treated in the same way as individuals
from the host country as far as the enforcement of laws and
regulations is concerned.
2. When participants are employed, the laws and regulations of
the host country concerning terms and conditions of work,
remuneration, safety and hygiene in employment shall apply.
3. Participants and their employers will comply with the
regulations of the host country in matters relating to social
4. Participants will not engage in employment that is contrary
to the purposes of this Agreement.
5. The Parties will encourage the appropriate organizations in
the respective host countries to lend their support to the
implementation of this Agreement and particularly to give
relevant information to participants.

Article 6
1. Either Party may refuse to approve any particular application
it receives.
2. Either Party may, consistent with its own legislation, refuse
the entry into its territory of any participant whom it may
consider undesirable, or remove from its territory any
participant who has obtained entry under this Agreement.

Article 7
1. The minimum amount of resources required under Article 2,
Sub-paragraph 2(f), will be set by mutual agreement in
writing between the Parties.
2. The number of participants under this Agreement will be
counted from the date this Agreement comes into effect until
the end of the same year, and thereafter, annually from 1
January until 31 December.
3. When this Agreement enters into force, up to 200 participants
per annum from either country will be allowed to benefit from
4. The Parties may determine annually and on the basis of
reciprocity, via written exchanges, the number of individuals
that will be allowed to benefit from this Agreement and the
required application fee.

Article 8
Any difficulties in interpreting and implementing this Agreement
may be resolved by the Parties through diplomatic channels.

Article 9
This Agreement may be amended at any time, through an exchange
of diplomatic notes, between the Parties.

Article 10
1. This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of
signature. This Agreement will remain in force until
terminated by either Party giving three months ’ prior
written notice to the other Party.
2. Either Party may temporarily suspend the application of this
Agreement giving three months ’ prior written notice to the
other Party.
3. Termination or temporary suspension of this Agreement will
not affect the right to stay of persons already accepted into
the Working Holiday Program.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, duly authorized by their
respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.

DONE in duplicate at Koror, this 19th day of January, two
thousand and seventeen, in the Chinese and English languages,
both texts being equally authentic.

_________________ _________________
David T. Lee Billy G. Kuartei

Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of State