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1.Signed on August 30, 2017 Entered into force on February 3, 2018
The Administrative Commission of the Free Trade Agreement
between the Republic of China (Taiwan), the Republic of El
Salvador and the Republic of Honduras (“ the Agreement ” ),
pursuant to its powers and according to what is established in
Article 14.01 (3)(b)(i) and (ii) of the Agreement and Article 8
of the Rules and Procedures of the Administrative Commission,


To modify Annex 3.04 (1) (e) “ Tariff Reduction Schedule ”
regarding the tariff treatment applied by the Republic of China
(Taiwan) to natural honey and certain dried fruits products
originating from the Republic of El Salvador, as follows:

Tariff lines in which the Republic of China (Taiwan) immediately
eliminating customs tariff for the Republic of El Salvador:
│Description of Goods │Tariff Lines of the Republic of │
│ │China (Taiwan) (HS 2017) │
│Natural honey │0409.00.00.00 │
│Dried Oranges (Imported │ │
│from 1st of March to │0805.10.10.90 │
│30th of September each │ │
│year) │ │
│Other Dried Oranges │0805.10.90.90 │
Done in duplicate in the Chinese, Spanish and English languages,
all versions are equally authentic. In the event of any
discrepancy in the interpretation of this Decision, the English
version will be used as reference.

The present Decision will enter into force thirty (30) days
after the notifications between the Republic of China (Taiwan)
and the Republic of El Salvador stating that they have completed
the necessary legal internal procedures.

Done in the city of Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan), on
August 30th, in the year two thousand and seventeen.

For the Government of the For the Government of the
Republic of China (Taiwan) Republic of El Salvador

__________________________ ____________________________
Mei-Hua Wang Luz Estrella Rodriguez

Vice Minister Vice Minister of Economy
Ministry of Economic Ministry of Economy