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1.Signed on November 24, 2016 and November 18, 2016 Entered into force on December 24, 2016
In this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the Taipei
Representative Office in the European Union and Belgium and the
Belgian Office, Taipei will be hereinafter referred to as the

The Parties, recognizing that the mutual acceptance of
certificates of origin issued electronically is of great
significance and importance in simplifying customs clearance and
in facilitating trade, hereby have reached the following

Article 1
For the purposes of this MOU, the terms set out below have the
assigned meanings unless the context requires otherwise:
1. Certificate of Origin (CO): A specific form identifying the
exported goods, in which the issuing agency/body certifies
expressly that the goods to which the certificate relates to
originate in a specific country*.
2. Electronic Certificate of Origin (ECO): A CO that is issued
electronically, meaning paper CO that is signed and/or
stamped electronically.
3. Authorities: Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) for the
Taiwan Side; and Federal Public Service Economy, S.M.E.s,
Self-employed and Energy for the Belgian Side.
4. Issuing agencies: Agencies, associations or organizations
that are designated or authorized by their respective
authorities to issue COs and ECOs.
* The European Union being a Customs Union, the origin
certification may refer to it.

Article 2
The purposes of this MOU are:
1. to establish an appropriate and effective cooperative
framework for mutual recognition of COs and ECOs between the
2. to establish an administrative cooperation between the
Parties with regards to the verification of the origin of the
goods; and
3. to strengthen the cooperation between the respective public
and private sectors and to induce public support for other
collaborative activities on origin matters.

Article 3
In pursuing the purposes stated in Article 2 of this MOU, with
the consultation of the respective authorities, the Parties:
1. confirm that the issuing agencies are designated or
authorized by their respective authorities to issue COs and
2. agree that the validity of ECOs equals that of fully paper
COs and accept both COs and ECOs as valid proofs of origin
and common supporting documents for customs clearance*,
3. reserve the right to verify the authenticity of COs and ECOs
and the country of origin of the related goods in accordance
with their respective domestic laws and regulations,
4. agree to provide the other Party with a website enabling to
make online verifications; and
5. agree to offer assistance to the other Party for the
verification of the origin of the goods.
* Except when the presentation of a fully paper CO is mandatory
due to European Union regulation.

Article 4
For the scope of application of this MOU,
1. This MOU will not modify or supersede any domestic laws or
regulations* of the Parties.
2. This MOU does not detract from the respective statutory
functions of the Parties under their relevant domestic laws.
3. This MOU does not affect any arrangements under any other MOU
that either Party has entered into or may enter into with any
other Party.
* Including European Union regulations, for Belgium.

Article 5
For the funding and resources of this MOU,
1. The activities carried out under this MOU will be subject to
the availability of funds and resources of the Parties.
2. For those activities, unless agreed otherwise, each Party
will be responsible for its own expenses and will provide
resources adequate to carry out its own commitments in
relation to the activities hereto.

Article 6
For the treatment of confidential material under this MOU,

The Parties will keep confidential any information or knowledge
acquired in the course of implementing this MOU.

Article 7
1. This MOU will come into effect 30 days after the date of the
last signature or on another date to which the Parties may
2. This MOU will remain in force unless notification in writing
is advised by a Party to the other Party six months in
advance of the intention to terminate this MOU.
3. This MOU may be revised with the consent of both authorities
after a Party receives a written request from the other

Signed in duplicate at Taipei, on 18 of November 2016 and at
Brussels, on 24 of November 2016, in the English language.

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