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1.Signed on November 20, 2014 Entered into force on November 20, 2014
The Association of East Asian Relations and the Interchange
Association (hereinafter individually referred to as “ Side ”
and collectively referred to as “ both Sides ” ),having regard
to paragraph 3 of the Arrangement between the Association of
East Asian Relations and the Interchange Association for the
Establishment of the Respective Overseas Offices of 26 December
1972, recognizing that further cooperation in the field of
nuclear and radiation safety regulation, including exchange of
information possessed by the Atomic Energy Council (AEC) or any
successor agencies, as appropriate, for the Taiwanese side and
the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) for the Japanese side
(hereinafter individually referred to as “ Authority ” and
collectively referred to as “ Authorities ” ), will be
mutually beneficial for ensuring soundness of the nuclear and
radiation safety regulation system in Taiwan and Japan, will
cooperate with each other to obtain necessary consent of the
Authorities with a view to carrying out the following:
1. Both Sides will cooperate to promote the exchange of
information in the fields of regulatory activities on nuclear
safety and radiation protection possessed by the Authorities.
2. Both Sides will encourage the Authorities to recognize the
need for cooperation to ensure nuclear safety and radiation
3. Both Sides will review periodically the progress of
cooperation referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2.
4. Cooperation in the areas listed in paragraph 1. above of this
Memorandum may include, but is not limited to, the following
(1) Exchange of information through letters, reports,
legislative documents and other forms of written documents.
(2) Organization of, and participation in, seminars and other
meetings on specific mutually agreed topics.
(3) Other specific forms of cooperation mutually decided to by
both Sides in writing.
5. Each Side will notify the other side of a Point of Contact
(POC) which will be designated by each Authority to
coordinate the participation in the overall exchange and
cooperation under this Memorandum. The POC is the recipient
of all correspondence transmitted under this Memorandum,
unless otherwise agreed.
6. This Memorandum will commence on the date of signature.
7. Either Side may at any time request consultations with the
other Side for the purpose of modifying this Memorandum.
8. This Memorandum will remain valid for five(5) years, and
automatically extended for successive periods of five(5)
years thereafter unless terminated or modified by either
Side, in writing to the other Side, at least three(3) months
prior to the end of each five(5)-year period.
9. This Memorandum has been made in English.

In witness whereof, the representative of the Association of
East Asian Relations and the representative of the Interchange
Association, signed this Memorandum in Taipei, on November


_________________ _________________
LEE Chia-chin OHASHI Mitsuo
Chairman Chairman