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1.Signed on January 25, 2012 Signed on December 29, 2011 Entered into force on February 29, 2012
The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection under the
Ministry of Economic Affairs, having its principal place of
business at 4 Chinan Road, Section 1, Taipei 100, Republic of
China (Taiwan) and the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and
Testing, having its principal premises at Stefanovicova 3,
Bratislava, Slovak Republic (hereinafter jointly referred to as
“ the Parties ” ) hereby enter into this Memorandum of
Understanding for Cooperation in pursuance of their desire to
cooperate in the various fields of activities which the Parties
are active, in order to achieve the goal of facilitating trade
of goods between the two countries.

Article 1 (Scope of Cooperation)
To achieve the purpose stipulated in the Preamble, the
Parties agree to cooperate in the following fields:
1. Standardization
2. Training
3. Information exchange
4. Other areas as needed to achieve the purpose
stipulated in the Preamble, such as testing and
certification of products.
Article 2 (Further Cooperation)
The Parties shall conclude separate Memorandum of
Understanding concerning the specific details of their
cooperative activities in the fields stipulated in
Article 1.4.
Article 3 (Exchange of Information)
The Parties agree to the regular exchange of the
following information, preferably in English:
1. Standards, journals, publications related to
2. Materials of training courses or seminars;
3. Technical regulations for industrial products;
4. Product certification programs and market
surveillance; and
5. Other documents regarding conformity assessment.
Article 4 (Confidence Building and Exchange of Experts)
The Parties agree to undertake work aimed at enhancing
mutual confidence in each other ’ s technical
infrastructure, such as the exchange of technical
experts, so as to work towards the development of
mutual recognition arrangements in potential areas.
Negotiations on mutual recognition arrangements will
take fully into account the Slovak obligations as the
EU Member State. The exchange of experts in areas
mentioned in Article 1 shall be mutually agreed by
special arrangements between the Parties.
Article 5 (Participation in International/Regional Organizations
The Parties agree to work within the framework of
international and regional organizations to promote
their consolidated positions and increase their roles
regarding international activities in the fields of
standardization and conformity assessment.
Article 6 (Confidentiality)
The Parties shall ensure confidentiality concerning
documents and information received within the
framework of this Memorandum of Understanding. This
information can only be transferred to a third Party
after gaining the written consent of the Party that
provided the information.
Article 7 (Disputes)
Any disputes arising from the interpretation or
fulfillment of this Memorandum of Understanding shall
be settled by negotiations.
Article 8 (Terms and Revisions)
This Memorandum of Understanding shall come into
effect on the last day of the month following the date
of the last signature and may be amended at any time
by written consent of the Parties and shall remain
valid for a period of two years, unless either Party
submits a written notification to the other Party of
its termination at least six months in advance. This
Memorandum of Understanding shall be automatically
renewed at the end of the two-year term, unless prior
notification has been received ninety days in advance,
by one of the Parties stating differently.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized
thereto, have signed this Memorandum of Understanding in the
English language in duplicate, on the date denoted below.

For the Bureau of For the Slovak Office of
Standards, Metrology and Standards, Metrology and
Inspection Republic Testing Slovak Republic
of China (Taiwan)

Dr. Jay-San Chen Director Ing. Lucia Gocnikova
General President

Date:December 29, 2011 Date:January 25, 2012