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1.Signed on September 13, 2010; Entered into Force on September 13, 2010.
Ms. Wang Mei-Hua, Director General of the Taiwan Intellectual
Property Office, hereinafter referred to as the TIPO, as
representative of the same pursuant to her appointment as
Director General of the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office by
decree Jing-ren NO 09603523230 of the Ministry of Economy
Affairs of November 28, 2007


Mr. Josef Kratochvil, President of the Industrial Property
Office of the Czech Republic, hereinafter referred to as the IPO
CZ, as representative of the same and in accordance with Act
No.14/1993 of December 20, 1992 on Measures concerning the
Protection of Industrial Property that regulates the IPO CZ and
in whose Article 1, the representative authority is entrusted to
its President.

Considering the mission of the protection and promotion of
intellectual property, entrusted to TIPO in accordance with
Article 2, of the IPO Organization Act promulgated on November
4, 1998 and amended on July 7, 2002,

Considering the mission of the protection and promotion of
industrial property, entrusted to the IPO CZ in accordance with
Article 1 and Article 2 of the Act No. 14 of December 20, 1992
that regulates the same.

Considering that TIPO ’ s as well as the IPO CZ ’ s objectives
include the promotion of industrial property by means of
agreements with counterpart bodies.

Considering an exchange of the skills and experiences acquired
by TIPO and IPO CZ with regard to documentation and information
or any other issue that could be of interest or use to either

TIPO and IPO CZ (hereinafter referred to as “ the Parties ” )
have hereby agreed as following:

FIRST: Objectives.
This Memorandum of Understanding has the following objectives:
a) To promote the exchange of relevant documents between the
b) To promote the exchange of experiences between the Parties.
c) To co-operate on those matters relating to industrial
property that may be of mutual interest.

SECOND: Exchange of documentation and of experiences.
With the exception to confidential documents, the Parties shall
exchange published documents on a regular basis; the publication
to be exchanged should be in English when possible.
The Parties shall equally organise the exchange of experiences
on their related activities.
The list of relevant documents, which should be exchanged and
the practical forms of these exchanges shall be determined by
mutual agreement.

THIRD: Reciprocal invitations.
The Parties shall, inform each other of meetings, round-table
discussions, as well as conferences, seminars and workshops
relating to industrial property. Each Party shall invite the
other to participate when such events may be of interest for

FOURTH: Technical assistance.
Each Party shall be able to request technical assistance from
the other, with respect to questions that represent a specific
interest to them.
The form and modalities of such assistance shall be defined by
mutual agreement between the Parties.

FIFTH: Costs.
The commitments shall be assumed within the ordinary budgetary
arrangements of each Party. Either Party shall bear the travel
costs of its representatives to the other Party ’ s country
(plane tickets, accommodation, daily allowances).

SIXTH: Entry into force and Termination
This Memorandum of Understanding shall come into force upon
signature, and remain valid for a period of 3 years. This
Memorandum of Understanding may be extended for equal period
following assessment by the Parties.
Either Party may terminate this Memorandum of Understanding by
giving a one-year prior written notice to the other Party.

In Witness Whereof, the Undersigned, being duly authorized by
their respective governments, have signed this Memorandum of

Done in Prague on Sept 13, 2010 in duplicate in the English

Wang, Mei-Hua Josef Kratochvil
Director General President