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1.Signed on January 22, 2009; Entered into Force on January 22, 2009
The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hanoi (hereinafter
referred to as TECO) and the Vietnam Economic and Cultural
Office in Taipei (hereinafter referred to as VECO), hereinafter
referred to as "the Parties", with a view to strengthening the
friendship, and developing scientific relations, between Taiwan
and Vietnam have agreed as follows:

The objective of this Agreement is to enhance and implement
bilateral cooperation in science and technology.

Scientific and technological cooperation under this Agreement
may include, but is not limited to, the following:
1. Exchange of scientists and technical experts participating in
cooperative programs and projects as well as other activities
under this Agreement;
2. Exchange of scientific and technological information;
3. Short-term and long-term fellowship programs;
4. Organization of scientific conferences and seminars on topics
of mutual interest;
5. Formulation and implementation of joint research programs and
projects; and
6. Other forms of cooperation as may be agreed upon by the

1. The Parties shall, in accordance with their respective laws
and regulations, and on the basis of equality and mutual
advantage, collaborate and promote cooperation in research,
development and training in the fields of science and
technology, and the natural and social sciences.
2. The Parties shall, upon request by either Party, consult each
other on any matter relating to the implementation of this

1. A Joint Committee on Cooperation in Science & Technology
(hereinafter referred to as "the Committee") shall be
established for achieving the objectives of this Agreement.
2. The Committee shall:
a. Consider the policy aspects relevant to the implementation
of this Agreement;
b. Identify priority areas of mutual interest, taking into
account both academic and financial feasibility;
c. Agree the financing arrangements regarding cooperative
activities under this Agreement;
d. Follow up on the progress of the implementation of this
Agreement; and
e. Propose specific measures to enhance the range and quality
cooperation under this Agreement.
3. The Committee meeting shall be held once a year.
4. Contacts relating to the functions of this Committee during
the inter-session periods shall be conducted through the
Implementing Agencies.
5. The Implementing Agencies shall be:
a. On behalf of TECO, National Science Council, Taiwan
b. On behalf of VECO, Ministry of Science and Technology,

1. This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of
signature and shall remain in force for five years unless
terminated by either Party by giving a sixmonth written
2. This Agreement may be amended and supplemented with the
mutual agreement of the Parties.
3. The succession of this Agreement shall be decided by the
meeting of the Parties by giving a six-month written notice
before the termination.
4. In case of termination, the provisions of this Agreement
shall continue to apply to cooperation projects or programs
signed but not completed upon the termination of this

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned being duly authorized
thereto, have signed this Agreement.

Done in Taipei on January 22, 2009 in duplicate in the English

For the Taipei Economic For the Vietnam Economic
and Cultural Office in and Cultural Office in
Hanoi, Vietnam Taipei, Taiwan
Liang Ying Ping Nguyen Ba Cu
Representative Representative