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1.Signed on Novenber 16, 2007; Entered into force on Novenber 16, 2007.
Given the importance of international cooperation on
intellectual property (IP) with respect to promoting industrial
development, technology and the economy, the Taipei Economic and
Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines and the Manila
Economic and Cultural Office (MECO), hereinafter referred to as
the "Parties", have decided to establish the following
arrangements which shall be implemented by the Intellectual
Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan
and the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines:

Article 1
Scope of IPR Protection
The Parties shall accord and maintain adequate and effective
protection on intellectual property rights (IPR) in accordance
with the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual
Property Rights (hereinafter referred to as "TRIPS").

Article 2
Exchange of Views on International IP Issues
The Parties shall exchange views on international IP-related
issues discussed at the World Trade Organization (WTO), the
World International Property Organization (WIPO) and other
international forums.

Article 3
Exchange of Technical Personnel
The Parties shall arrange and facilitate exchange visits,
training programs, workshops and seminars for IP experts,
administrators, patent and trademark examiners, and other
technical personnel.

Article 4
Information Exchange
The Parties shall exchange available and non-confidential
information, in English, regarding any legal issues pertinent to
this MOU, particularly with regard to the evolution of IPR
legislation, regulations, executive decisions and enforcement.

Article 5
Publications Exchange
The Parties shall arrange and facilitate the exchange of IPR
publications including periodicals, gazettes and pamphlets. The
publications should be in English whenever possible.

Article 6
Cooperation on Anti-piracy and Anti-counterfeiting Efforts
The Parties agree to cooperate on anti-piracy and
anti-counterfeiting efforts through the exchange and sharing of
relevant and useful information, of best practices and
publications, through exchange visits between enforcement
personnel, judges and prosecutors, as well as through holding
and participating in relevant workshops, seminars and so forth.

Article 7
Measures to be Adopted
The Parties shall formulate work plans, where necessary, to
implement the items contained within this MOU, and shall
establish a communication channel through the contact persons
designated by the Parties.

Article 8
Commencement, Termination, Review and Amendment
Each Party to this MOU shall notify the other Party of the
completion of legal procedures necessary for the implementation
of the MOU. This MOU shall enter into force on the day when the
final notification is received and shall remain in force until
terminated by either Party with six month's prior written notice
to the other Party.
This MOU may be amended by mutual agreement by the Parties, and
formalized by an exchange of letters specifying the date of
entry into force of the amendments.
The Parties will do their utmost to complete any project
undertaken pursuant to this MOU that may still be in progress
when this MOU terminates.

Done in Manila, Philippines on November 16, 2007, in the
presence of Minister STEVE RUEY-LONG CHEN, Ministry of Economic
Affairs of Taiwan, and Secretary PETER B. FAVILA, Department of
Trade and Industry of the Philippines, in duplicate in the
English and Chinese languages, both texts being equally
authentic. In case of any divergence in interpretation, the
English text shall prevail.

For the Taipei Economic and For Manila Economic and
Cultural Office Cultural Office
in the Philippines

───────────── ─────────────
Representative Representative

Witnessed by:

Ministry of Economic Affairs Department of Trade and Industry
of Taiwan of the Philippines

───────────── ─────────────
Vice Minister Senior Undersecretary