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1.Signed on October 20, 1995; Entered into force on October 20, 1995.
This Agreement of Intent will document the agreement in princip-
le which has been reached between Bureau of Commodity Inspection
& Quarantine, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BCIQ) and Japan Qua-
lity Assurance Organizatoin (JQA).
It is intent of BCIO and JQA will conclude the General Agreement
for Cooperation (hereafter called as General Agreement) in outl-
ine of the draft of General Agreement, as attached herewith.
In the process of negotiation, some revisions may be happened d-
ue to editorial and/or other minor correction.

Date of signing Oct.20.1995 Oct. 20.1995
Place Taipei Taipei
[Signed] [Signed]
For For
Bureau of Commodity Inspection & Japan Quality Assurance
Quarantine Organization
(BCIQ), Ministry of Economic (JQA)
Neng-Jong LIN Ryuichi SASAKI
Deputy director General Executive Director