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1.Signed on September 23,1996; Entered into force on September 23,1996.
The Bureau of Commodity Inspection & Quarantine (hereinafter re-
ferred to as BCIQ) having its address at 4, Chinan Rd., Sec.l,
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. and KERMI Testing and Quality Control Ltd
. (hereinafter referred to as KER MI) having its address at Bud-
apest, Jozsef krt.6.H-l088, Hungary hereby enter into this Agre-
ement for Cooperation in pursuance of their desire to cooperate
in the defined areas.
BCIQ has been established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as
the national supreme authority in commodity inspection. Other t-
han offering testing and certification services for commodities,
BCIQ also conducts assessments of manufacturers' quality systems
and registers such systems in accordance with international sta-
ndards and requirements.
KERMI has been authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade
to conduct testing and approving consumer products prior to put-
ting them on the market. Product without quality cerfitication
may not be passed through the customs and are not allowed to be
With the aim of promoting mutual trade in general and to assist
exporters of each Party to this Memorandum to introduce their p-
roducts into the market of the other Party in particular, both
Parties have agreed to enter into a cooperation on reciprocal b-
asis on recognition of testing reports and certificates of conf-
ormity, as well as on recognition of registration of quality sy-
stems. The Parties shall conclude a separate Implementation Pro-
gram setting up details of activities in each of the cooperative
fields to be arranged by two Parties.
Both Parties agrees
- to furnish the other party with all necessary information, pa-
rticularly the information concerning any significant changes
occuring in its own certification procedures and standards, to
ensure the effectiveness of this Agreement,
- to maintain contact with the other party to ensure the smooth
application of this Agreement: representatives of both parties
shall meet periodically to review its operation and find solu-
tions to problems which may arise,
- to promote the program of mutual arrangement in advertisements
, brochures, and other promotional documents, and to present
in an appropriate way the information on BCIQ and KERMI, and
- to assist and promote acitivities arising from this Agreement
for the benefit of companies or manufacturers of both Parties.
- to undertake work aimed at enhancing mutual confidence in each
other's technical infrastructure, such as the exchange of tec-
hnical experts and information on certification activities, so
as to work towards the development of mutual recognition arra-
ngements on potential areas.
This Agreement may be revised by the exchange of letters between
BCIQ and KERMI, and may be terminated by either Party upon 90 d-
ays written notice to the other Party.
This Agreement, drawn up in duplicate in English, shall come in-
to force upon signatures.

For the Bureau of Commodity For KERMI Testing and
& Quarantine (BCIQ), Taipei Quality Control Ltd., Budapest
[Singed] [Singed]
Peng-Siang Hsu G'abor Huszay
Director General Executive Director
09/23/1996 23.09.1996
(Dated) (Dated)