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1.Signed on November 29,1996; Entered into force on November 29, 1996.
In order to take into account the EAC guidelines on the applica-
tion of EN 45012, the European Standard for bodies certificating
Suppliers' Quality Systems, the Bureau of Commodity Inspection &
Quarantine (BCIQ) of Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. and AIB-VINCOTTE In-
ter (AVI) of Brussels , Belgium, agree to amend the Memorandum
of Understanding signed on December l5, 1994.
The following section is added to the MOU:
Neither party shall at any time discuss or disclose to any third
party, any confidential information or documents concerning the
other, concerning this agreement, concerning the services rende-
red, or concerning the contracts performed, except insofar as s-
uch disclosure is explicitely permitted in writing by the other
party concerned. Each party will be liable for it﹒

Brussels, October 24,1996 Taipei,Nov.29,1996
For AIB-VINCOTTE Inter For Bureau of Commodity Inspection
[Signed] [Signed]
General Manager Director General