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1.Signed on August 24, 1987; Entered into force on August 24, 1987.
1 Prupose of Appendix
This Appendix provides for the following services to be perfo-
rmed by AIT for CCNAA under the Agreement:
a Review of the final design and construction (second stage o-
nly) of the embankment dam and related structures for the Li
-yu-tan Reservoir and Dam Project.
b Review of the preliminary (first stage) and final (second s-
tage) design and construction of the embankment dam and rel-
ated structures for the Nan-hua Reservoir and Dam Project.
2 Cost of Services
The total cost of services under this Appendix is US$654,000.0
0. A summary of the costs is attached.
3 Financial Provisions
Payments and other financial arrangements shall be as set for-
th in Article VI of the Agreement.
4 Duration
This Appendix will become effective upon the date of the last
signature hereafter of the representatives of CCNAA and AIT a-
nd will remain in effect until the services described herein,
or as amended, are completed. Either party may terminate this
Appendix as provided for in Article XI of the Agreement.
American Institute in
Name: David N. Laux
Date: August 24, 1987
For: Coordination
Council for North
American Affairs
Name: Fredrick F. Chien
Title: Representative
Date: August 24, 1987