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1.Singend and exchanged on April 29, 1987; Entered into force retroactiverly on January 1, 1987.
Scott S. Hallford
Acting Director
Mr. Scott S. Hallford
Acting Director
American Institute in Taiwan
Taipei Office
7, Lane 134, Hsin Yi Roac, Sec. 3
Dear Mr. Hallford :
I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your letter ( AIT B--
301) of today's date, which reads as follows :
" Dear Mr.Hoo :
I am writing with regard to the AIT-CCNAA agreement on beer, wi-
ne and cigarettes, signed in Washington, D.C. on December 12, 19
86 and effective January 1, 1987.
On the requirements for Monopoly Certificates to be affixed to
the Merchandise, I wish to propose the procedures set out below,
which shall take effect retroactively as of January 1, 1987 :
(a) In the case of beer and wine, the Monopoly Certificates sha-
ll be affixed to each can and bottle, or printed on labels
to be affixed to each can and bottle, or embossed on each c-
an of beer, either in Taiwan (including in bonded warehouses
) before the Merchandise goes through customs clearance or
in the United States. The Monopoly Certificate so affixed n-
eed not show the Commercial Importer's Registration Number.
(b) In the case of cigarettes, the "banderols" shall be replaced
with the Monopoly Certificate of the same size as is the "
banderols " , and the past practice applicable to banderols
shall be followed in affixing the Monopoly Certificate to e-
ach pack of cigarette.
(c) With regard to the classification of non-- grape based wines
, CCNAA will classify these products in the same category as
wine coolers when assessing the monopoly tax.
I would appreciate confirmation of CCNAA's agreement to the
foregoing. Sincerely,
Scott S. Hallford"
In reply, I have the pleasure to confirm that CCNAA agrees to t-
he above proposals in you letter.
Sincerely yours,
Raymond S.H. Hoo