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1.Signed on July 29,1992; Entered into force on July 29,1992.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Republic of China, and the Mi-
nistry of Economy and Development, Republic of Nicaragua;
Desirous of strengthening economic cooperation between the Repu-
blic of China and the Republic of Nicaragua;
Understanding that the International Economic cooperation Devel-
opment Fund (IECDF) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Republ-
ic of China came into being on OCT.5, 1988 with the aim of assi-
sting developing countries in their economic development;
Recognizing the importance of foreign investment, development of
small and medium enterprises, a well-established customs system
and trade promotion to the economic reforms which the Government
of the Republic of Nicaragua is currently accelerating; and Und-
erstanding that the Republic of China is willing to share its d-
evelopment experience in the attraction of foreign investment,
the investment, the development of small and medium enterprises,
the establishment of customs systems, trade promotion and the d-
evelopment of vocational training personnel through various tra-
ining courses organized and financed by the IECDF;
Being duly authorized, have agreed as follows:
1. The Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China wi-
ll ask the IECDF to reserve for the Republic of Nicaagua, un-
der its 1992-93 Technical Training Program, a total of fifte-
en training opportunities for selected Nicaraguan Officials.
2. The IECDF will send Pamphlets on its 1992-93 Technical Train-
ing Program, with related application forms, to the Nigaragu-
an Government through the R.O.C. Embassy in Managua no later
than September, 1992. The Nigaraguan Government will select,
from the IECDF's 1992-93 Technical Training Program, training
courses in which it is interested and will nominate the prop-
er officials to participate in the training courses no later
than December 1,1992.
3. The IECDF will bear all training costs for these fifteen tra-
inees, and will pay each trainee daily pocket money of NT$300
(approx US$12). Round-trip economy-class air tickets, board &
lodging, and insurance covering accidental death, accidental
disability, accidental bodily injury and hospitalization, wi-
ll also be arranged and paid for by the IECDF.
4. This Memorandum shall enter into force on the date of signat-
ure. It shall remain in force for a period of one year and s-
hall continue in force one year thereafter unless either par-
ty notifies, in writing, the other party of its intention to
terminate this Memorandum.
Done in Managua, in duplicate, this 29th day of July, 1992, in
the English language.
For the Ministry of Economic Affairs Republic of China
H.E. Vincent C. Siew
For the Ministry of
Economy and Development
Republic of Nicaragua
H.E. Julio Cardenas Robleto Minister