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1.Signed on June 25 1968; Entered into force on June 25,1968.
The Government of the Republic of China and the Government of t-
he Kingdom of Thailand,
Bearing in mind the friendly relations existing between the two
countries and their people,
Being desirous of strengthening those relations,
Considering their common interest in promoting and accelerating
the technical and economic development of their countries,
Recognizing the benefits to be derived by both countries from
closer technical and economic cooperation,
Have agreed as follows:
1) The Contracting Parties shall endeavour, to the extent pract-
icable, to cooperate and to support each other in the fields
of technical and economic development. Such cooperation shall
be undertaken and continued on the basis of equal partnership
2) On the basis and within the framework of this Agreement, fur-
ther arrangements will be concluded between the two Governme-
nts regarding individual Projects and Programmes, including
the exchange of experts and visitors.
During their tour of duties under this Agreement in the Kingdom
of Thailand or the Republic of china, experts of the two countr-
ies shall be exempted from income tax, customs duties and other
taxes on personal and household effects brought into the two co-
untries by the experts within the period of six months of their
first arrival. Such personal and household effects may not be
resold or transferred in the country of their visit to persons
other than those enjoying the same exemption, unless the experts
undertake to pay customs duties and other taxes on them.
There shall be regular consultations between the two Governments
for the purpose of advancing the objectives of this Agreement a-
nd of successfully promoting Thai-Chinese technical and economic
1) This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of signatu-
re thereof.
2) This Agreement shall remain valid for a period of three years
. Should a Contracting Party wish to terminate this Agreement
before its expiration date, notification in writing should be
given to the other Contracting Party not less than ninety da-
ys prior to the intended date of termination of the Agreement
3) This Agreement may be renewed by mutual agreement for a furt-
her specified period.
4) After the expiry or termination of this Agreement, the proje-
cts and/or Programmes undertaken shall be continued until co-
mpletion in accordance with the arrangements made under Arti-
cle 1 of this Agreement.
Done at Taipei duplicate in the English language on the twenty-
fifth day of June, 1968.
For the Government of the
Republic of China:
K.T. Li
Ministry of economic Affairs
For the Government of the
Kingdom of Thailand:
Pote Sarasin
Ministry of National Development