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1.Signed on November 13, 2000; Entered into force on November 13, 2000.
Considering the mutual benefit and the endeavour to protect wor-
ld-wide environment, Danish Energy Agency in Copenhagen and the
Energy Commission in Taipei, hereafter referred to as the Parti-
es, provide a framework for technical co-operation between the
Parties on the basis of equality and reciprocity. The Parties h-
ave agreed upon the following:

A.The scope of co-operation under this Memorandum of Understand-
ing shall be conducted in the areas of energy planning and ma-
nagement, energy efficiency and energy conservation, renewable
energy, technology for cleaner energy, enhancement of energy-
related commerce, and such other areas as the Parties may agr-
ee upon.
B.Under this Memorandum of Understanding, Danish Energy Agency
and the Energy Commission conduct this co-operation. The Part-
ies and their designated representatives shall seek to involve
relevant organisations, energy agencies, research institutes,
and industrial companies in enhancing the co-operation.

Both Parties will endeavour to encourage, promote, and facilita-
te co-operation between interested enterprises, institutions, a-
ssociations, and organisations. Activities of co-operation may
include, but are not limited to, the following:
A.Exchange of information;
B.Exchange of administration experience;
C.Conduct of joint research projects;
D.Exchange of scientific and technical personnel for participat-
ion in agreed research, development, analysis, design, and ex-
perimental activities;
E.Organisation of seminars and other meetings on agreed topics;
F.Training participants;
G.Other forms of co-operation in the area of energy and energy
related fields as may be mutually agreed upon.

A.When the designated representatives, under the authorisation
of the Parties, agree to undertake any form of activities of
co-operation under this Memorandum of Understanding, they will
conclude an Implementing Arrangement, which shall be annexed
to the terms of this Memorandum of Understanding.
B.Each Implementing Arrangement shall specify the scope of acti-
vities, management responsibilities, specific funding arrange-
ments, cost and schedule estimates, procedures to be followed,
treatment of intellectual property, liability, and other appr-
opriate matters.
C.All co-operation activities undertaken pursuant to specific I-
mplementing Arrangements under this Memorandum of Understandi-
ng shall be subject to the respective and applicable laws, re-
gulations, policies, availability of appropriated funding, and
administrative procedures that govern the Parties and their d-
esignated representatives.
D.Each designated representative shall designate a programme co-
ordinator to be responsible under its auspices for the overall
co-ordination of Implementing Arrangements.

In accordance with this Memorandum of Understanding each Party
shall give persons sent out by the other Party such assistance
as they may need when abroad for the purpose of fulfilling the
tasks assigned to them.

A.Any information designated by either Party as confidential sh-
all be treated by the other Party as such, unless it is compe-
lled to disclose by law, in which case it shall so notify the
other Party beforehand.
B.Otherwise, the Parties and their designated representatives s-
upport the widest possible dissemination of information provi-
ded, exchanged, or arising under this Memorandum of Understan-
ding subject to the need to protect proprietary information,
inventions, copyrights, and other intellectual property.
C.Details concerning the protection and allocation of intellect-
ual property and the dissemination of information will be spe-
cified in each Implementing Arrangement under this Memorandum
of Understanding.

All further negotiations required for the implementation of this
Memorandum of Understanding will be conducted by the Parties. T-
his Memorandum of Understanding will become effective on the da-
te of signature.

This Memorandum of Understanding and its Implementing Arrangeme-
nts may be amended by the mutual written agreement of the Parti-

A.Either Party may terminate this Memorandum of Understanding at
any time by notification to the other Party in writing six mo-
nths in advance of the desired termination date.
B.Termination of this Memorandum of Understanding shall not aff-
ect the validity or duration of activities agreed upon pursua-
nt to this Memorandum of Understanding and initiated prior to
such termination.

In witness whereof, the undersigned, duly authorised by their r-
epresentative Parties, have signed this Memorandum of Understan-
ding in English language only.
Done in Taipei, on the thirteenth day of November in the year t-
wo thousand.

For Energy Commission, in For Danish Energy Agency, in
Taipei Copenhagen
Mr. Chao-Yih Chen, Mr. Ole C. Tarp,
Secretary General Deputy Director General