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1.Signed on January 16, 1999; Entered into force on January 16, 1999.
WHEREAS the Government of the Republic of China and the Governm-
ent of Belize (hereinafter referred to as "the Parties") wish to
further strengthen relations by expanding and deepening economic
, trade and investment cooperation between them.

RECOGNIZING that one of the means to achieve such cooperation is
execute a Trade Agreement.

The Parties therefore agree to discuss and evaluate the conveni-
ence of celebrating a Trade Agreement and to incorporate in such
Agreement, among others, the following subjects: Trade in Goods,
Trade in Services, Investment, Rules of Origin, Safeguards, Ant-
idumping and Countervailing Duties.

In order to facilitate the development of this Agreement, the
Parties agree to establish special working groups for some spec-
ific subjects.

The Parties hereto agree to begin negotiations promptly and exp-
ect to complete negotiations within s short term.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized by
their respective Governments, have signed this Memorandum.

Made in duplicate, in Chinese and English, being each text auth-
entical, in the City of Belize, on the sixteenth day of the fir-
st month of the eighty-eighth year of the Republic of China, co-
rresponding to the sixteenth day of January of the year one tho-
usand nine hundred ninety nine of the Gregorian calendar.

For the Republic of China
Hon. Vincent C. Siew
For Belize
Hon. Said W. Musa
Prime Minister and
Minister of Finance
And Foreign Affairs