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1.Signed on March 21 and April 25, 2002. Entered into force on April 26, 2002.
In order to increase the common relations and experience, devel-
oped in the framework of the Intellectual Porperty Rights Expert
Group (IPEG) of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), t-
he Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taipei and the Ministry of E-
conomics in Santiago (hereafter "the Parties").

The convenience to establish a permanent dialogue between the I-
ntellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs
in Taipei and the Industiail Property Department of the Ministry
of Economics in Santiago;
The convenience of joining efforts in order to achieve more eff-
ectiveness in the protectin of trademarks and patents (invention
, utility model, and new design), to benefit users nad consumers
The conviction of the establishment of relations between the Pa-
rties, the exchange of imformation and cooperation in the promo-
tion, dissemination and protection of industrial property in ge-
neral, and trademarks and patents in particular, in Santiago, a-
nd Taipei;
That the Parties have human, technical and material means to ac-
hieve their aims and fulfill duties already set in this Memoran-
dum, as well as the capacity to carry them out;
Both Parties AGREE as follows:

Article 1
Aims and Reach
(1) To cooperate as regards practice, promotion and diffusion of
the system of trademarks and patents.
(2) To establish a fluent exchange of information as regards mo-
dernization, management, harmonization and development of l-
aws on trademarks and patents, particularly effective legis-
lation, normative projects and jurisprudence.
(3) This memorandum is understood to be extensive to all topics
of trademarks and patents that are governed by each Party i-
mperative of its respective legislation.

Article 2
Aiming at an exchange of current infomation on industral proper-
ty rights (trademarks and patents), the Parties will try to cel-
ebrate periodic meetings, alternating in Santiago and Taipei. B-
oth Prarties will agree on periodicity and dates.

Artiecl 3
Exchange of Publications
Whithin this memorandum framework, the Parties will exchange th-
eir won publications. A list of publications will be agreed on
by both parties.

Article 4
Exchange of Information on Informatic Systems
Each Party will submit information related to its informatic sy-
stem. This information will consist mainly of technical aspects
of the data processing system, prior automatic search and elect-
ronic tools supporting product classification, services and fig-
urative elements.

Article 5
Practical Aspects of Pricr Search and Examination
The Parties will exchange information on their practices in mat-
ters of examination and trademark registration; particularly, t-
hey will exchange points of view and experiences related to cla-
ssification, prior search, examination and opposition procedure-
In the same way, they will exchange information regarding their
examination practies, classification, state of the art searches
, and registration of partents.

Article 6
Exchange of Experts
The cooperation agreed upon in this Memorandum includes sharing
efforts to train technical experts and the organization of info-
rmation meetings, conferences and seminars on trademark and pat-
ent systems in Taipei and Santiago. In addition, the Parties wi-
ll share invitations to extention activities that are individua-
lly carried out, common to their mutual aimes.

Article 7
Training and Diffusion Activities
The Parties will join efforts to organize and perform activities
and events aimed at promoting the trademark system and increasi-
ng awareness amongst potential users.

Article 8
Legal Aspects
The parties will inform each other of all relevant legal issues,
particularly concerning new normative, legal and practical deve-

Article 9
Memorandum Amendment
The Parties will periodically examine provisions of this Memora-
ndum and, according to results, will proceed to amend them.

Article 10
Every communication concerning the execution of this Memorandum
will be in writing and quoting this Memorandum.

Article 11
As a general principle, except for any specific agreement in co-
ntrary, each party will pay its own travel expenses and for off-
icials and experts staying in the office or institution of the
opposite party.

Article 12
Coming Into Force
This Memorandum will take effect the following day to its signa-
ture executed by both parties.
Signed in Taipei, and in Santiago, respectively, in duplicate,
each in Chinese, Spanish, and English, all of them are exactly
original versions. In case of any divergence in interpretation,
the English version shall govern.

On behelf of On behalf of
The Ministry of Economics The Ministry of Economic Affairs
In Santiago In Taipei

Alvero Ruey-long
──────────── ────────────
Alvero Diaz Perez Steve Ruey-long Chen
Sub Secretary to Vice minister of
The Ministry of Economics The Ministry of Economic Affairs

Date:21/03/2002 Date:25/04/2002
───────── ────────────