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1.Signed on December 18,1992; Entered into force on December 18,1992.
As a result of consultations between the American Institute in
Taiwan (AIT) and the Coordination Council for North American Af-
fairs (CCNAA) in Washington December 15-18, the two parties agr-
eed to the following new quota arrangement for cotton and man-m-
ade fiber (mmf) trousers.
Description/ Limits in Dozens
CATEGORY Special flexibility 1993 1994 1995
347/348 Cotton trousers, 1,072,919 1,064,931 1,064,931
Slacks, shorts (outer)
Additional Special
ShiR from 647/8 60,000 60,000 60,000
Additional Swing 165,750 165,750 165,750
Special Canyover 318,750
347w/348w Woven Cotton 1,072,919 1,064,931 1,064,931
trousers, Slacks,
shorts (outer)
647/648 MMF trousers, 5,248,544 5,248,544 5,248,544
Slacks, shorts (outer)
Special Canyover 112,500
Additional Swing 60,750 60,750 60,750
647w/648w Woven MMF 5,248,544 5,248,544 5,248,544
trousers, Slacks,
shorts (outer)
1. Special carryover, additional swing and special shift specif-
ied above shall be in addition to any carryover, swing and/or
special shift specified in the exchange of letters dated Dec-
ember 1,1992 and December 11,1992. The "special carryover" s-
pecified above for categories 347/348 and 647/648 is additio-
nal to and is not included in the "total carryover " refer-
red to in paragraph 6 (e) (vi) of the letters dated December
1, 1992 and December 11, 1992. In addition, Category 347w/34-
8w may be increased by up to fifteen percent provided that an
equivalent quantity is deducted from category 647/648 or 647w
/648w in the same agreement year.
2. Any adjustments made may not result in the levels for the ov
erall limits being less than the levels for the sublimits.
The provisions of this memorandum of understanding shall be app-
lied upon signature until an agreement incorporating its terms
is effected by an exchange of letters.
Raymond J. Sander
Washington, December 18, 1992
Chia Sheng Pan