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1.Signed on July 30,1991; Entered into force on July 30,1991.
AIT recognizes the efforts undertaken by the authorities repres-
ented by CCNAA toward the implementation of the MOU. CCNAA agre-
es to implement country-wide protective measures in stages with
the Science-base Industrial Park serving as an initial model.
However, as the implementation of these measures must be based
on law, the authorities represented by CCNAA also agree to take
actions to facilitate, on a priority basis, the passage of the
draft trade law. AIT urges the authorities represented by CCNAA
to continue reviewing existing legislation for its possible app-
lication in the interim for export control enforcement .
AIT and CCNAA agree to cooperate in the following work programs:
1. Export Enforcement Training
a. Implementation date: December 12-14,i991
b. AIT will send 4-5 experts to Taipei to give CCNAA people
the necessary training.
2. Licensing Administration and Enforcement Training
a. Implementation date : January 13-17,1992
b. CCNAA will organize a group of 10-15 persons to the AIT d-
esignated agencies for training.
3. Technical Support for COCOM Core List
a. Implementation date : October - December of 1991
b. CCNAA will organize several small groups of experts to the
AIT designated agencies for training.
4. Public Awareness Seminar
a. Implementation date : October 16-17,1991
b. AIT will send 2-3 experts to Taipei to give seminars on s-
trategic trade controls, including the COCOM list.
The implementation of these four work programs will contribute
to AIT and CCNAA's efforts to establish effective protective me-
asures for the authorities represented by CCNAA.