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1.Signed on January 16,1992; Entered into force on January 16,1992.
1. To intensify and facilitate the promotion of mutual friendly
and close relations, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei
, and the Ministry of Commerce, Bangkok, discussed matters o-
fmutualinterest. Following conclusions were reached.
2. The Ministry of Commerce, Bangkok, was keen to promote the i-
mnnrtation of Thai products into the Taiwan area, such as fr-
uits, coffee beans, tapioca products, beer, liquor, etc.
3. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei, agreed to lower the
customs import tariff rates, subject to the final approval of
the Legislative Yuan, on the following items:
(1) Tapioca pellets - from the present 20% to 13%.
(2) Tapioca flour - from the present 17% or NT$1200/MT to 13%
or NT$918/MT, depending on which is higher.
4. In addition, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei, agreed
to relax restrictions on the following items:
(1) Fruits: importation of drains, mangosteens and rambutans
were allowed without quantitative restriction. As for you-
ng coconuts, an initial annual quota of two hundred and t-
wenty-one (221) tons, based on 1983-1985 average import q-
uantity from Thailand, were allocated.
(2) Coffee beans: following the prevailing practice, Thai cof-
fee beans (not roasted) were allowed to be imported into
the Taiwan area at the customs import duty of 5%.
(3) Glutinous rice and flour: the restrictions on importation
along with purchasing 30% of local glutinous flour for the
process of products for export were lifted. The Thai glut-
inous rice and flour would be allowed to import according
to the export-processing need of the manufactures of the
Taiwan area.
(4) Vermicelli, pepper and roasted coffee products were allow-
ed to be imported.
5. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei, was enthusiastic to
see its government office in Bangkok, i.e. the Far East Trade
Office, to be fairly upgraded to reflect its officially (The
Taipei Representative Office in Bangkok is preferable at the
present time), and its personnel to be entitled to enjoy the
courtesies and privileges as international organizations acc-
6. The Ministry of Commerce, Bangkok, informed the Ministry of
Economic Affairs, Taipei, of the following Thai government d-
(1) Thai government would issue the staff members of the Far
East Trade Office visas for a duration up to three years.
(2) Thai government would reimburse the import taxes paid to
the Government of Thailand by the said office and its sta-
ff members for:
(a) Five (5) cars bought for official use in Thailand, and
(b) Cigarettes and alcohol as requested earlier by the off-
ice mentioned above.
(3) Staff members of the said office enjoy the privileges of
entering the Bangkok International Airport as the diploma-
ts of other countries do.
(4) The Ministry of Commerce, Bangkok, agreed to convey the s-
aid request in paragraph 5 to the authorities concerned in
Bangkok for consideration.
7. The authorities concerned in Taipei also agreed to reciproca-
lly accord the same privileges specified in paragraph 6 to t-
he staff members of the Administration Office and Thai Trade
Office of Thai Airways International Limited, Taipei.
8. Both parties exchanged views and information extensively and
agreed to promote friendly and close relations in the fields
of trade, finance, investment and tourism. The two parties a-
lso agreed to exchange information in international trade ma-
9. Ministry of Commerce, Bangkok, expressed its keen interest in
cooperation of technology transfer, particularly in the field
of food processing industry, and will provide the Far East T-
rade Office in Bangkok with programs of activities for con s-
ideration. It was hoped that the objective would be reached.
10. Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei, expressed its interest
in concluding agreements on investment protection, avoidance
of double taxation and ATA Garnet agreements between the two
countries and the Ministry of Commerce, Bangkok, agreed to
convey the above to the authorities concerned in Bangkok.
DONE in Taipei, in duplicate, both of which are equally authent-
ic, on this sixteenth day of January, 1991.
Mr. lee Chang-lu
Acting Director General
Board of Foreign Trade
Ministry of Economic Affairs
Mr. Chalaw Fuangaromya
Deputy Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Commerce
Mr. Shi-chi Lin
Department of East Asian
and Pacific Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs