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1.Signed on May 10, 1985; Entered into force, retroactively on February 16, 1985.
It is the intention of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) to
operate and the Coordination Council for North American Affairs
(CCNAA) to support an American Trade Center (ATC) in Taipei. Th-
is Center will offer major exhibitions, a commercial library, c-
ommercial information services, and facilities for conferences,
seminars, and other meetings.
The American Trade Center will be operated by the American Inst-
itute in Taiwan. It will be located in Taipei, Taiwan, at 600 M-
in Chuan East Road, Taipei in the Asia Enterprise Centre.
The CCNAA will be responsible for providing to the AIT the prem-
ises to be occupied by the American Trade Center, for paying any
rent due for the premises to the landlords, and for paying any
taxes or other assessments levied by the local governing author-
ities for the use of the premises by the American Trade Center
of the American Institute in Taiwan.
All operational expenses and program costs of the American Trade
Center will be borne by the AIT. The CCNAA will ensure the free
and unimpeded movement into Taiwan of U.S. made goods which ard
intended for exhibition at the American Trade Center, with rele-
vant taxes and tariffs to be paid when and if the goods are sold
. The American Trade Center will be fully responsible for the e-
mployees who will provide the service noted above. The AIT agre-
es to pay all utilities and maintenance of the Center. The AIT
agrees to pay for all parking spaces in the building. The AIT f-
urther agrees to return the premises to its original condition
upon the termination of this Agreement.
In consideration of US$1.00 annual rent paid by the AIT to the C
CNAA, this Memorandum of Agreement will take effect on February
16, 1985. It will be valid for 5 years, from February 16, 1985
to February 15, 1990, and will be renewable on the same terms u-
nless either party declares its unwillingness to renew 180 days
before the expiration. Either party may cancel this agreement by
giving 180 days notice. If the AIT gives notice of its unwillin-
gness to extend or cancellation of this Agreement, the premises
occupied by the ATC will be vacated the furnishings contained t-
herein will be removed and the premises returned to original co-
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have hereunto subscribed
their names as of the date given below:

Dated at Taipei, Taiwan
this 10th day of May, 1985
Coordination Council for North
American Affairs
John C.T. Feng
Administrative Division
Philip Chen
American Institute in Taiwan
Taipei Office
Walter J. Hood
Management Services
Shuho Hwa