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1.Signed on April 23 and April 01, 2015 Entered into force on April 23, 2015
The Taipei Representative Office, Bratislava and the Slovak
Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, (hereinafter referred as
“ Participants ” ), recognizing the mutual benefit of
scientific and technological cooperation and exchange, desiring
to enhance the cooperation in the fields of science and
technology, have reached the following understanding:

Section 1
The objectives of this Agreement are to encourage exchange and
cooperation between the students, scholars and scientific
institutions from Taiwan and from the Slovak Republic.
The scope of the cooperation will be conducted in the fields of
research and development agreed by the Participants.

Section 2
Cooperation in the Field of Science and Technology
1. The cooperation in the field of science and technology under
the present Agreement will include the following activities:
a) Support of joint research projects conducted by researchers
from Taiwan and from the Slovak Republic.
b) Support of joint seminars, workshops, symposia and other
c) Support of preparatory visits for planning and formulating
joint research projects and seminars.
d) Support of exchange of scholars and training of personnel:
graduate students, post- doctoral and young scientists.
e) Other cooperative activities as mutually agreed.
2. The financial arrangements to pay expenses for the
co-operative activities carried out within the framework of
this Agreement will be mutually arranged by the Participants
on a case-by-case basis subject to the availability of funds.

Section 3
This Agreement may be amended at any time by the mutual written
consent of the Participants.

Section 4
Duration and Effective Date
This Agreement will come into effect on the day of the last
signature and will remain valid indefinitely.

Section 5
The Agreement may be terminated by either Participant giving six
months prior written notice. The Participants will consult to
determine how many outstanding matters remain to be dealt with.
Termination will not affect the validity of any cooperative
activities or projects already under way under this Agreement.

The foregoing represents the understanding reached between the
Participants on the matters referred to in this Agreement.

Signed at Taipei, on 1,4,2015 and at Bratislava, on 23,4,2015,
in duplicate, in the English language.

For the Taipei R For the Slovak
epresentative Office, Economic and Cultural
Bratislava Office in Taipei

__________________ __________________
Andrew Y. Chang Michal Kovac
Representative Representative