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1.Signed on July 24, 2013 Entered into force on July 24, 2013
The Taipei Liaison Office in the Republic of South Africa and
the South African Liaison Office in Taipei (hereinafter jointly
referred to as the “ Parties ” and separately as a “ Party ”

DESIRING to co-operate particularly in the fields of arts and

CONVINCED of the need for effective co-operation in the fields
of arts and culture to enhance economic and social development;

CONSIDERING their common interest to promote and encourage their
arts and culture progress and to the reciprocal advantages
resulting from co-operation in the fields of mutual interest to
enhance economic and social development;

HAVE REACHED the following understanding:

Article 1
In the spirit of seeking mutual benefit, the Parties will
endeavor to encourage art and cultural exchanges, promote mutual
interaction, and enable people to enjoy the richness of each
other ’ s culture.

Article 2
Cooperative Projects
The Parties intend to promote, in accordance with the domestic
law applicable, arts and culture by means of the following-
(a) cultural activities relating to the visual arts, the
performing arts, literature, motion pictures, and cultural
heritage; and
(b) exchanges by organizations, groups, and individuals in the
areas of the visual arts, the performing arts, literature,
motion pictures and cultural heritage.

Article 3
Funding and implementation
(1) In principle, funding related to the implementation of this
Arrangement is to be obtained from organizations active in
the fields of arts and culture of both Parties, unless
otherwise stipulated.
(2) In this regard, the Parties undertake to, within available
means and when required, provide assistance to groups and
persons involved.
(3) Each Party undertake to provide details to the other Party
of relevant organisations, institutions or other entities to
serve as contacts to aid exchange activities.

Article 4
(1) The Parties may consult on any matter arising from the
implementation or interpretation of this Arrangement
including to review progress and stimulate further
cooperation, as well as with regards to any amendments to
this Arrangement.
(2) Any differences of interpretation of this Arrangement is to
be settled in an amicable way.

Article 5
Entry into Effect and Duration
This Arrangement is to take effect upon signature by the two
Parties and remain in effect for a period of three years. Either
Party may terminate its participation in this Arrangement by
providing written notice to the other Party six months in
advance of the desired termination date. This Arrangement may be
extended for a further three years.

SIGNED at Pretoria on this day of 24 July 2013 in duplicate in
the English language.

Mr. Pei-yung Hsu Mr. Nicolaas Sauer
Representative SchoombieRepresentative