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1.Signed on September 3, 2010; Entered into Force on September 3, 2010.
The National Science Council, Republic of China (Taiwan) and the
Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (thereinafter referred
to as “ the Parties ” ), recognizing the mutual benefit of
scientific and technological cooperation, have agreed to set up
first an information exchange program (hereinafter referred to
as The Program) to explore areas in scientific and technological

1. The Program covers, but not limited to the following areas of
a) Nanoscience and nanotechnology,
b) Information and communication technology,
c) Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
d) Agricultural and food technology
e) System-on-chips
f) Genomic medicine
g) Digital archives program
h) Others areas as identified and agreed-upon by the Parties.

2. The Program covers all recognized branches of research of
mutual interest to scientists from the Parties.

3. The Program between the Parties shall be implemented by means
of the following collaborative activities:
a) Support of joint seminars, workshops, symposia and other
scientific meetings.
b) Other cooperative activities as may be mutually agreed

4. The Program is subject to the budgetary appropriations
available to each Party and the applicable laws and
regulations of each Party.

5. This MOU will come into force upon signature. This MOU shall
be valid for a period of five years and may be extended for a
further period of five years by mutual agreement.

6. Either Party may terminate this MOU by giving six-month prior
written notice to the other Party. In the event of
termination or the expiration of this MOU, activities already
approved jointly or in progress under the term of this MOU
shall not be affected.

Done in duplicate in the English language in Prague on the 3rd
day of September 2010

In witness whereof the undersigned, being duly authorized, have
signed this MOU.

For and on behalf of For and on behalf of
National Science The Technology Agency
Council of the Republic of the Czech Republic
of China (Taiwan)
Lou-Chuang LEE Karel Klusacek
Minister President