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1.Signed on July 8, 2008; Entered into Force on July 8, 2008
As an addendum to the general cooperation agreement signed
between National Science Council of Taiwan (NSC) and the French
National Research Agency (ANR), NSC and ANR have agreed as
1- To extend the cooperation initiated in the Frame of
respectively programme Blanc of ANR and General Research
Projects of NSC to the area of Technology for Health. For ANR
this will correspond to programme TECSAN.
2- The Project participants should enter into a Collaboration
Agreement to specify how Intellectual Property Rights will be
handled. A Collaboration Agreement will need to be in place
and reported to ANR and NSC before any grant notification
will be made.
3- To fund projects on a balanced basis:
- Balanced scientific and technical contribution
- Balanced overall funding of projects on the basis of an
average of funding of 140 kEUR per project partner for the
3 year duration of a project
- Balance between both countries the commercial exploitation
of the results of the project

The present Agreement shall come into effect at its signature
may be modified by mutual approval.

Either Party may, at any time, terminate this Agreement by
giving the other Party a three month's advance notice in
writing. In the event of termination of this Agreement,
obligations and commitments already agreed upon shall be honored
and continued by the Parties until full completion.

Signed in Paris on July 8, 2008 in two copies in English.

For the French National For the National Science
Research Agency Council of Taiwan

Mrs. Jacqueline Lecourtier Dr. Lou-Chuang Lee
General Director Minister