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1.Signed on August 24, 2005; Entered into force on January 1, 2005.
The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the
Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, (hereinafter
referred to respectively as"the Taiwanese Party"and"the
Jordanian Party),
being desirous of developing relations of friendship and
cooperation in the field of culture and education, have agreed
as follows:

The Jordanian Party shall grant the Taiwanese Party three
scholarships yearly starting from the academic year 2004-2005,
to study Arabic Language at the Language Center of the
University of Jordan for a period of one and a half years, and
continue to study at any relevant faculty in one of the
Jordanian universities to obtain a B.A. degree or a postgraduate

The Taiwanese Party shall grant the Jordanian Party three
scholarships yearly starting from the avademic year 2004-2005,
to study Chinese language for a period of one and a half years,
and continue undergraduate studies, or postgraduate studies (in
English or Chinese) in accordance with Taiwan Scholarship
Program Guidelines.

The Jordanian Party shall grant each of the Taiwanese students:
1.A monthly stipend of JD (100).
2.An annual book allowance of JD (60).
3.Exemption from tuition fees.
4.Free medical insurance (the same as that of Jordanian
students at Jordanian universities).

The Taiwanese Party shall grant the Jordanian students:
-NT. 25000 per month for the duration of one and ahalf years
while studying Chinese language.
-NT. 25000 per month for the duration of four years for
undergraduate studies.
-NT. 30000 per month for the duration of two to three years for
postgraduate studies.
Tuition fees and medical insurance fees will be deducted in
dvance from the above-stipulated monthly stipend.
The recipient will be granted a scholarship for the maximum of
(4) Years in addition to the (1.5) years for language study.

Candidates for scholarships from both Parties shall send
application forms, certificates of graduation and other required
documents, together with health certificates including the
results of a blood test showing that the applicant is free from
infectious diseases, before the 10th of September of each year
to the repective authorities.

Each candidate for a scholarship must have completed a high
School education before being eligible to apply for a

Annual residence permits (dormitories or lodgings on Jordanian
universities' campuses for female students only shall be
provided and an amount of JD(10) for them to be deducted from
the monthly stipend of the respective student) will be secured
for Taiwanese students.

Candidates for Taiwan scholarships are responsible for applying
to language centers or universities on their own, with the help
of the Taiwanese Commercial Office in Jordan.

In principle, after the completion of studies as specified for
each student, he or she shall not stay in the host country for
longer duration and must leave for his /her country as soon as

This memorandum shall be deemed to have taken effect as from
January 1,2005 and shall remain effective for a period of three
years thereafter, and will be renewed automatically for another
period of three years unless either of the two Parties objects
by a written notice to the other Party three months prior to the
expiry of this memorandum.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, being duly anthorized by
their respective Governments, have signed ths memorandum of

Done in duplicate in the English language in Amman on 24th
August 2005.

Representative of the Minister of Education
Commercia Office of and Higher Education
the Republic and Scientific Research
of China (Taiwan)

Jinn-Jong Lin Dr. Khalid Toukan