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1.Signed on May 21 and May 15, 2009; Entered into force on May 21, 2009.
The AGREEMENT ("the Agreement") on Scientific Cooperation
between the National Science Council, Republic of China ("NSC"),
and the Slovak Academy of Sciences ("SAS"), hereinafter referred
to as " the Parties" was entered into on 6 February 1996;

Recognizing the importance and the mutual benefit derived from
bilateral cooperation in scientific research;

Desiring to promote and strengthen the cooperation relationship
between the Parties, and especially with regard to the joint
research projects according to Article 6 of the Agreement as set
out below,

Article 1
Joint Research Projects
The objectives of this Addendum are to encourage exchange and
cooperation between the scientists, engineers and scientific
institutions from Taiwan and Slovak Republic.
In order to attain the objectives, the Parties commit
themselves, subject to the availability of resources and in
conformity with their respective attributions, to undertake the
joint project cooperation, particularly in three (3) research
areas: information and communication technologies; energy
research; and precision machinery (including material research)
for Year 2010.
Activities conducted by the Parties pursuant to this Addendum
are subject to the availability of funds in the budget of the
The NSC shall be responsable for coordinating all Taiwanese
participants under this Addendum, and the SAS shall be
responsable for coordinating the Slovak participants.
Joint research project proposals shall be prepared jointly by
the collaborating researchers of both countries.
Written proposals shall be submitted concurrently to the NSC and
to the SAS in accordance with the terms and conditions
established by the Parties for their research grant proposals.
The proposals shall be submitted prior to the deadlines agreed
to by both Parties.
The proposals shall include detailed description of the research
projects, budget and the cooperative activities as well as
bibliographical data of the participants.
Visits of the scientists involved in the joint project,
dedicated to achieving the scientific goals of the project, may
be part of the project proposal.
The duration of the selected research projects is set from one
year to three years. The implementation of these projects will
start at January 1 of every year.

Article 2
In parallel, the NSC and the SAS will evaluate proposals and
exchange pertinent information with each other, to determine
whether funding is available.
The final agreement on support of a joint research project, a
scientific activity or programe shall be established by exchange
of correspondence containing necessary information.
Scientists and their institutions whose proposals are approved
under this Addendum are responsible for the performance of the
approved activities and for the proper uses of grants.
Upon the progress and conclusion of a project, yearly and final
reports on the results achieved will be submitted (including
financial statement on costs occurred). The evaluation will be
made on the basis of how well the aims set forth by the project
proposal have been achieved.
The activities under this Addendum shall be subject to the laws
and the regulations in Taiwan and the Slovak Republic.

Article 3
Eligibility of the Participants
All of the scientists and scholars that meet the requirements
established by the Parties may request support from the NSC and
the SAS.

Article 4
Financial Provisions
Both Parties shall support their respective research project
approved under this Addendum with an amount of 40 000 € /year
at most.
Funding for the applied projects requires approval from both

Article 5
Intellectual Property
In respect to any discovery or invention derived from
cooperative research activities implemented under this Addendum,
the collaborating researcher shall consult and agree on the
ownership of any intellectual property and the terms of
commercial exploitation. In their consultations, collaborating
researcher shall take relative contributions of each Party to
the research into account.

Article 6
Periodic Monitoring
To monitor the progress of the research cooperation, both
Parties shall correspond periodically and discuss the programmes
and projects already undertaken as well as those for forthcoming
The Parties shall decide annual support plan that further
specifies the research areas and the number of joint research
projects to be funded at the beginning of every year.

Article 7
Final Provisions
This Addendum shall enter into force upon signature by the
Parties, and shall be valid for six (6) years. It shall be
automatically renewed annually on the expiry of the six year
period with the same terms including this right of renewal,
unless one Party gives vritten notice to the other, at least six
(6) months prior to the renewal date, of its intention to
terminate this Addendum.

In case of termination of the Addendum, previously approved
joint research projects shall remain valid until their dates of

Matters which are not included in this Addendum shall be
discussed through the Parties. This Addendum is subject to
revision or termination through consultation and agreements by
both Parties.

Signed in two copies in English, each being equally valid.

for the National Science for the Slovak Academy of
Council, Sciences
Republic of China
_____________________________ ______________________________
Prof. Ching-Ray Chang Dr.L'ubomir Falt'an
Director General of Scientific Secretary
Department of International
Venue: Taipei, Taiwan Venue: Bratislava, Slovakia
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