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1.Signed on September 8, 2009; Entered into force on October 29, 2009;
The government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the
government of the Republic of Paraguay (hereinafter referred to
as the "Contracting Parties") are:
DESIROUS of strengthening and promoting cultural ties so as to
contribute to the development and mutual understanding between
their peoples;
ENCOURAGED by the will to strengthen cordial relations,
facilitate mutual understanding, and to expand cooperation in
the areas of culture, education, science, sports, the humanities
and the arts; and
THEREFORE, the Contracting Parties agree to the following:
Article 1
The Contracting Parties shall encourage cooperation in the areas
of culture, education, science, sports, the humanities and the
arts, and shall share the experience and achievements of one
another's institutions through direct contact.
Article 2
The Contracting Parties shall make every effort to promote
knowledge about their cultural values, major historical events
and customs. In this context, they shall support:
a)Reciprocal visits of related personnel from the fields of
culture, sports, arts, and humanities;
b)Relations between their educational centers and other
educational institutions;
c)Contact between museums, as well as between other institutions
concerned with arts and culture;
d)Holding exhibitions, musical performances and plays;
e)Granting scholarships for undergraduate studies, postgraduate
studies and research, implemented in accordance with the
regulations in force by each Contracting Party;
f)Exchange of information, documents and materials that
facilitate the activities under this Agreement; and
g)Cooperation between public and private cultural institutions
and organizations, and on major academic and scientific
activities, implemented through joint projects, protocols or
other agreements.
Article 3
The Contracting Parties shall notify one another well in advance
of conferences, competitions, festivals and other international
events that are relevant to the areas covered by this Agreement
and which will take place in their respective countries.
Article 4
The Contracting Parties shall support cooperation between one
another's museums, libraries and archives through the exchange
of publications of interest, cooperation between experts, and
organization of fairs, as well as through consultations and
advanced training for technical personnel and specialists.
Article 5
The Contracting Parties shall adopt measures to prevent illegal
trade in objects of cultural value, and ensure the exchange of
information between their respective competent state agencies,
as well as the application of protective measures. In the event
that such objects are illegally traded, the Contracting Parties
shall assist one another to secure their safe return.
Article 6
The Contracting Parties agree to support and develop cultural
industries and cultural diversity, and promote the appreciation
of, respect for and spread of cultural creativity, as well as
encourage cooperation on cultural industries.
Article 7
The Contracting Parties shall encourage cooperation between
their national media in promoting the various facets covered in
this Agreement.
Article 8
The same level of protection given domestically to works by
national authors in either of the Contracting Parties shall be
enjoyed within the territory of the other Contracting Party in
accordance with national legislation and international
Article 9
The Contracting Parties shall promote cooperation in the fields
of general education, higher education, physical education,
sports, health education, and student youth exchanges, as well
as promoting the signing of agreements between equivalent
Article 10
The Contracting Parties shall exchange information regarding
events in the areas of culture, education, science, physical
education, sports, health education, humanities and arts, and
shall facilitate one another's participation in such events.
Article 11
1.The Contracting Parties shall facilitate exchange visits and
exchanges between professors, scientists, writers and artists,
so as to enable them to give lessons or lectures on topics
relevant to this Agreement.
2.The Contracting Parties shall contribute to collaboration and
sharing of experience in the field of education by developing
links in the area of vocational education and training, and
establishing direct contact between their institutions of
higher education.
Article 12
The Contracting Parties shall endeavor to include in their
respective education programs different aspects of the cultural,
geographical and historical realities of one another's
countries, so as to allow the acquisition of complete and
accurate knowledge thereof.
Article 13
1.The Contracting Parties shall support direct cooperation in
radio broadcasting, television and cinematography.
2.The Contracting Parties shall encourage cooperation on
audiovisual production and film exchange, according to both
commercial and non-commercial principles.
3.The Contracting Parties shall promote cooperation between
their official radio stations to broadcast cultural and
artistic programs of mutual benefit.
Article 14
1.The Contracting Parties shall provide appropriate facilities
to help consolidate the exchange, distribution and sale of
books, brochures, magazines and periodicals, thereby
maximizing the number of readers.
Meanwhile, the Contracting Parties shall facilitate the
creation of special collections in their respective libraries
for the preservation of exchanged publications.
2.The Contracting Parties shall encourage cooperation between
their respective writers, unions and federations, as well as
direct contact between publishing houses and booksellers.
Article 15
Cooperation outlined by this Agreement shall not affect the
activities of international organizations engaged in education
and cultural cooperation in which either one or both of the
Contracting Parties are members, nor the development of cultural
relations between either of the Contracting Parties and a third
Article 16
1.To monitor this Agreement's execution and to adopt the
measures necessary to advance subsequent relations between the
Contracting Parties, a mixed commission (hereinafter referred
to as "the Commission") shall be established for bilateral
cultural, educational and scientific cooperation.
2.The Commission shall consist of representatives from the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and
Culture, of both Contracting Parties, as well as members of
the Embassy in the country hosting a particular session. The
Contracting Parties may send specialists and advisors to
participate as well, if deemed necessary.
3.The Commission shall have, among others, the following
a)Periodically evaluate the effectiveness of this Agreement in
both countries;
b)Present detailed suggestions to the Contracting Parties on
the execution of this Agreement and interpretations of
aspects of this Agreement in question;
c)Formulate programs of cooperation in the areas of culture,
education, science, technology, physical education, sports,
health education, humanities and the arts to be held
annually or every few years; and
d)Issue recommendations to the governments of the Contracting
Parties on topics of mutual interest within the scope of
this Agreement.
e)Commission meetings shall alternate between the Republic of
China (Taiwan) and the Republic of Paraguay and held as
deemed necessary by both Contracting Parties.
Article 17
Each of the Contracting Parties shall facilitate, within its
means, solutions to administrative and financial problems which
arise during the implementation of related projects undertaken
within its territory by the other Contracting Party.
Article 18
The terms of this Agreement do not exclude the establishment of
bilateral cooperation in other areas related to the aims of this
Article 19
The Contracting Parties, through their competent authorities and
in accordance with their respective regulations regarding the
recognition of academic diplomas, shall recognize university
degrees granted by recognized universities, in one another's
country. In effect, a degree will enable the holder to continue
his/her education and to pursue postgraduate degrees, MAs and
PhDs, but not seek employment.
Article 20
The Contracting Parties shall facilitate granting the right to
exercise their respective professions to nationals who have
obtained qualifications from higher institutions of learning or
university education programs in the other Contracting Party's
country, as beneficiaries of bilateral education cooperation,
through quotas or vacancies granted by the system of diplomatic
reciprocity, or by virtue of overseas study programs or
incentives. In addition, those nationals must fulfill such other
conditions as required by domestic laws and competent
institutions of each Contracting Party regarding the exercise of
their respective professions.
Article 21
Disputes between the Contracting Parties in the application,
interpretation or execution of this Agreement and its terms
shall be resolved through direct diplomatic negotiations.
Article 22
The Contracting Parties shall dedicate space on their websites
for information in the local language for commercial
opportunities, cultural events, sports events, among other
things, in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Republic of
Paraguay. This is to assist these sectors to develop, thereby
contributing to the promotion of both Contracting Parties
Article 23
1.This Agreement shall enter into force after the domestic legal
procedures have been concluded in the countries of both
Contracting Parties and the two parties have notified one
another of this fact in writing via diplomatic channels.
2.This Agreement shall be valid indefinitely. It shall be
discontinued when one of the Contracting Parties notifies the
other party of the discontinuation of this Agreement via
diplomatic channels. The discontinuation shall come into
effect ninety (90) days after receipt of notification.
3.The discontinuation of this Agreement shall not affect the
validity or execution of programs, projects and activities
launched previously under this Agreement, which shall continue
accordingly unless the Contracting Parties agree otherwise.
Article 24
This Agreement may be amended at any point. The amendments that
are agreed upon by the Contracting Parties shall enter into
force according to stipulations in Article 23, Paragraph 1.
Completed in triplicate, in Spanish, Mandarin and English
languages, each text being equally valid, at Asuncion on the
eighth day of the month of September of the year 2009. In the
event of a discrepancy concerning their interpretation, the
English text shall prevail.



Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister of Foreign Affairs
Plenipotentiary of the
Republic of China (Taiwan)