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1.Signed on February 10, 2009; Entered into force on February 10, 2009;
The Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations,
Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan) and the
Florida Department of Education, United States of America,
hereinafter referred to as “ the Parties, ” agree to enter
into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Education, in order
to contribute positively to the strengthening of education and
learning-related linkages between Taiwan and the State of
Florida, USA.
The Parties have reached the following understanding:
Article 1: Purposes
To maintain and enhance bilateral co-operation in
educational matters and to promote mutual
understanding, and the pursuit of common benefits
and collaborative development in that sector, the
Parties will pursue the development of a work plan
through which they may achieve such purposes.
Article 2: Activities
The Parties agree to pursue, through this MOU, the
following activities:
(1) The promotion of educational and academic
exchanges between individuals, organizations and
educational institutions in Taiwan and the State
of Florida.
(2) The promotion of study opportunities in Taiwan
and the State of Florida.
(3) The promotion of assistance, information and
services to those seeking educational
opportunities and scholarships.
(4) The development of partnership support with
appropriate cooperative organizations in Taiwan
and the State of Florida, regarding seminars,
workshops and conferences in the area of
(5) The encouragement of joint efforts in language
teaching, which may include such areas as:
teacher training for language teachers,
assistance for the recruitment of language
teachers, assistance to the relevant authorities
in Taiwan and the State of Florida, the
organization of relevant conferences or
colloquia in the field of education-related
research and language teaching.
Article 3: Co-ordination and Implementation
    (1) Implementing Official
Responsibility for coordinating activities and
communication concerning this MOU will fall to
the Director General, Bureau of International
Cultural and Educational Relations of the
Ministry of Education in Taiwan, and to the
Commissioner of the Florida Department of
    (2) Working Group
A Working Group will be formed by the Parties to
develop and oversee a work plan to implement
this MOU. This Working Group will be co-chaired
by the Implementing Officials, or their
designates, and may involve participation of
other agencies as appropriate. The Working Group
thus formed will meet at least once a year.
    (3) Work Plans
An annual work plan will be developed based on
proposals submitted to the Working Group. The
nature and priority of specific co-operation
areas, the types of activities, and the
development of annual work plans to be
implemented under this MOU will be determined by
the Working Group on behalf of the Parties.
    (4) Involvement of other organizations
The parties will promote, facilitate and
encourage, as appropriate, the development of
direct contacts between institutions for
scientific research and other organizations and
private sectors including relevant industry or
stakeholder associations.
Article 4: Costs
Unless otherwise agreed between the Parties, each
party participating in co-operative activities and
initiatives will be responsible for all costs of its
participation at Working Group and other joint
Article 5: Liability
In implementing the co-operative activities under
the MOU, each Party will be responsible for its own
acts and the results thereof, and will not be
responsible for the acts of the other Party and
results thereof. Nothing herein shall be construed
as waving the sovereign immunity of the State of
Article 6: Intellectual Property Rights
The MOU does not affect intellectual property rights
of the Parties. In proposed co-operative activities,
where it is foreseeable that questions related to
intellectual property rights might arise, the
Parties, in accordance with their national laws,
will agree in advance as to the effective protection
and allocation of those intellectual property
Article 7: General
The MOU shall come into force on the date of the
last signature by both Parties and shall remain in
effect for a period of three years. This MOU may be
extended or amended with the written consent of both
This MOU may be terminated by either Party at any
time, upon three months ’ written notice being
given to the other Party. The termination of this
MOU shall not affect the validity or duration of
activities agreed upon hereunder and initiated prior
to such termination, unless the Parties otherwise

In witness, whereof, the undersigned, being duly authorized by
their respective governments, have signed this Memorandum of

Done in duplicate in the Chinese and English languages, both
texts being equally authentic.

For the Bureau of For the Department of
International Cultural and Education, State of Florida,
Educational Relations, United States of America
Ministry of Education,
Republic of China (Taiwan)

────────────── ───────────────
Ching-Jen Liu, Director-General Eric J. Smith, Commissioner
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At: At: