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1.Signed on October 26, 1994 Entered into force on October 26, 1994
The National Measurement Laboratory(NML) of the Republic of Chi-
na and The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) Braunsch-
weig and Berlin in the following referred to as "parties", reco-
gnizing that both parties are interested in developing cooperat-
ion in the field of metrology and that metrology is to be promo-
ted by international scientific and technical cooperation, reco-
gnizing that such cooperation is of mutual benefit, desiring to
provide a basis for future scientific and technical cooperation
in the field of metrology, agree on the following:
Section 1
The parties aspire to cooperate in a spirit of trust and confid-
ence. To achieve this aim, they will inform each other of focal
points of work and the results achieved, come to an understandi-
]ng on joint projects in the fields of science and technology a-
nd exchange personnel working in these fields.
Section 2
Cooperation will cover the following areas in particular:
1.Joint research work and devising of new measuring methods and
2.Reciprocal comparisons of standards to evaluate their accuracy
and traceability.
3.Study of new principles and methods to improve primary standa-
4.Exchange of information and know-how concerning the metrologi-
cal infrastrudure.
5.Basic and advanced training ofmetrological staff.
6.Joint organization of expert meetings.
Section 3
Cooperation between the parties will be based on the following:
1.Exchange of scientists, engineers, technicians and other staff
members, in particular for the implementation of joint projec-
ts, for lectures and other events, informational visits.
2.Stays for the purpose of study and information, stays of guest
3.Exchange of scientific and technical information, publications
, reports, annual reports in particular, and of other records.
Section 4
1.The parties will lay down in writing the names of the persons
who will be responsible for the carrying-out and coordination
of cooperation.
2.The representatives of parties will draw up a work program, a-
nd they will lay down details as regards the form of cooperat-
3.If necessary, special arrangements/agreements can be made for
the implementation of specific tasks and projects.
Section 5
1.Cooperation will be carried out in compliance with the legisl-
ation to which the parties are subject.
2.Within the framework of the budgetary means available, each p-
arty will bear the cost incurred by it for carrying out coope-
Section 6
Free use may be made of the information given unless anything to
the contrary is explicitly stipulated by the party giving the i-
If the partner agrees, the results obtained during cooperation
may be published with due regard to the provisions of legal pro-
Section 7
This Memorandum of Understanding expresses the parties' intenti-
on to cooperate and will not be considered an internationally b-
inding agreement.
Section 8
This Memorandum of Understanding will enter into force the day
it is signed and will be in force for a period of 5 years. The
parties may agree in writing on prolongations, supplements and
extensions or on the cancellation of the Memorandum.
Done in Taiwan on the 26th October 1994 in two originals, one in
the German and one in the English language, each text being equ-
ally authentic.

For the For the
National Measurement Laboratory Physikalisch-Technische
of the Republic of China Bundesanstalt
[Signed] Signed for the President:
Dr. Hsu, Chang [Signed]
Director Prof. Dr. V. Kose
Witnesses: Vice-president