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1.Signed on July 24, 1989 Entered into force on July 24, 1989.
The representatives of the Royal Scientific Society, the Hashem-
ite Kingdomn of Jordan and of the National Science Council, the
Republic of China have agreed upon the following points;
1 Science and technology cooperation between researchers or res-
earch groups in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and in the Re-
public of China will be encouraged by both institutions in all
fields of scientific endeavor including humanties, social sci-
ences, and engineering.
2 On the basis of their respective national laws and statutory
rules, both institutions will support cooperative research ac-
tivities in the forms of joint research projects and joint wo-
rkshops, and in connection with these cooperation efforts, the
exchange of scientific personnel and bf information on resear-
ch results, national science policies and research promotion.
3 Travel expenses for the participants in cooperative research
activities will be borne by the sending institution, the livi-
ng allowances will be borne by the host institution which will
also be responsible for appropriate health care insurance.
4 Cooperative research activities will be funded when both inst-
itutions will have received and reviewed positively the grant
proposal(s), coordinated with the research group(s), in the o-
ther country, however, each institution may recommend candida-
tes for cooperative research activities in order to help start
or add to existing Science cooperation.
5 Technical details regarding cooperative research activities w-
ill be discussed and decided by Royal Scientific Society and
National Science Council on a case basis.
6 Royal Scientific Society and National Science Council will ev-
aluate the development of the science and technology cooperat-
ion funded by both institution regularly, at least however, e-
very third year.

Confirmed by
Hani Mulki, Ph. D.
Royal Scientific Society
The Hashemite Kingdom bf Jordan
Han M. Hsia, Ph. D,
National Science Council
Republic of China