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Announced Date: 2000-09-27
Effective: 2000-09-27
1.Signed on September 27, 2000; Entered into force on September 27, 2000.
The Government of the Republic of China and the Government of
Grenada (hereinafter referred to as the "Contracting Parties"),
Desiring to enhance their traditional friendly relations,
Firmly believing that it is necessary to maintain the existing
freedom of the press among the people of the two countries,
Deciding to sign an agreement on the exchange of news and infor-
mation to facilitate the implementation, and with a view to fos-
tering the close and cordial relationship between the Government
Information Office, Republic of China, and the Ministry of Info-
rmation, Grenada, by establishing reciprocal channels for the
exchange of news and information, views on related work, and co-
operation programs between the mass media personnel of the two
countries, have agreed the following:

Article One
The competent news and information agencies of the Contracting
Parties (hereinafter referred to as the "Agencies") shall provi-
de convenient and necessary assistance to visiting news and inf-
ormation personnel from the other country.

Article Two
The Contracting Parties shall respect freedom of the press and
encourage and facilitate the development of the news media indu-
stry in their respective countries for promoting bilateral exch-
anges and mutual understanding between the peoples of the two

Article Three
The Agencies shall formulate a code for cooperation on news and
information under their jurisdictions for stimulating the devel-
opment of the mass media. The heads of signatory agencies of th-
is Agreement shall coordinate and establish cooperation plans
and actions in the areas of radio, television, newspapers, maga-
zines, news releases, and other fields, and may appoint a repre-
sentative to implement these plans. The areas of cooperation co-
ntemplated by this Agreement shall include the following:

1.Encouragement, by both Parties, of their respective nation's
radio stations, especially government or government-related
stations, to jointly produce or exchange programs concerning
culture, education, environmental protection, sports, and oth-
er similar programs.
2.Encouragement, by both Parties, of their respective nations'
public television stations to jointly produce programs on cul-
ture, education, politics, economics, tourism, sports, enviro-
nmental protection, and topics of general interest. In additi-
on, both Parties shall encourage their nations' commercial te-
levision stations to carry out similar plans and assist telev-
ision managers and employees to participate in conferences and
3.Copyright protection for the print media, such as magazines
and newspapers.
4.Encouragement, by both Parties, of newspaper and magazine man-
agers and employees to conduct exchanges and participate in
conferences and other relevant international activities.
5.Copyright protection for, exchange of, and cooperation on vid-
eotapes and other audio-visual materials.
6.Cooperation on and development of mass media technology.
7.Exchange visits between media professionals and between offic-
ials of the Agencies.

The scope of cooperation between the Contracting Parties may be
expanded by mutual agreement.

Article Four
This Agreement shall not revise or replace any laws or regulati-
ons under the jurisdiction of either Party's implementing agency
. The provision of materials and the protection of internal doc-
uments shall be in accordance with current laws and regulations
and administrative orders under the jurisdiction of the Contrac-
ting Parties and shall not contradict the interests under either
Party's jurisdiction including the possibility of lawsuits agai-
nst each other, and violate the stated or implicit purpose, pol-
icy, or internal rules of the implementing agency of either Par-

Article Five
This Agreement shall be effective on the date of signature, and
shall remain in effect for a term of five years thereafter. Unl-
ess one of the Parties informs the other Party in writing, six
months prior to the expiration of the initial term of its inten-
tion of termination, this Agreement shall automatically be exte-
nded for an additional term of five years.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, being duly authorized by th-
eir respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.

Done at Taipei in duplicate, in the Chinese and English language
, both texts being equally authentic, this twenty-seventh day of
the ninth month of the eighty-ninth year of the Republic of Chi-
na, corresponding to the twenty-seventh day of September of the
year two Thousand.

For the Government
For the Government
of the Republic of China        
of Grenada

Joslyn Whiteman
Minister Government Information Office
Ministry of Implementation