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1.Signed on September 10, 2000; Entered into force on September 10, 2000.
Recognizing the importance of international scientific cooperat-
ion and the mutual benefit to be derived from bilateral coopera-
tion, the Australian Commerce and Industry Office (ACIO) and
the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Australia, he-
reafter referred to as "the Parties", have mutually decided to:

.facilitate the exchange of information;
.facilitate the movement of researchers between Canberra and
Taipei ;
.promote bilateral research collaboration in the fields of sci-
ence and technology, and
.encourage commercial exploitation of such bilateral research

More specifically, the Parties have decided to:

1, Implementation and Coordination

The cooperation agencies for the Parties shall be the National
Science Council (NSC) in Taipei and the Department of Industry
Science and Resources(ISR) in Canberra.

Each agency will designate one person as a contact point. Offic-
ials of the cooperating agencies will contact each other and me-
et as necessary to discuss matters of mutual interest related to
the cooperation outlined in this Memorandum of Understanding, to
exchange information on their respective programs, policies, pr-
actices, and to share information about requests for support in-
volving bilateral collaboration, as appropriate.

2, Provision of Information

The cooperating agencies will facilitate research exchanges and
collaboration in science and technology between each other by

.publicizing and providing information on mechanisms of support
for scientific collaboration;
.publicizing and providing information on research activities,
so as to assist researchers in developing joint research proj-
ects, and
.advising the research community of its interest in supporting
research in specified areas, if appropriate.

3, Support Mechanisms

Each cooperating agency will have in place funding mechanisms
with a degree of flexibility sufficient to permit their use for
the support of joint research, bilateral visits, and workshops.
Applicants and applications will be required to meet selection
criteria for the relevant program.

In ISR's case, proposals will be submitted and evaluated through
ISR's regular programs and in accordance with the normal program
cycle and regulations, keeping in mind ISR's interest in funding
cooperative research with partners from Taiwan. Australian rese-
archers will be notified of the opportunity to apply for funding
, through ISR's normal information channels (newsletters, other
publications, and Internet). Australian researchers will be enc-
ouraged to contact interested researchers from Taiwan to establ-
ish joint projects and workshops.

In the case of NSC, international collaborations will be suppor-
ted through funding those Australian researchers and Taiwan res-
earchers conducting joint research projects after undergoing me-
rit evaluation process. Department in the NSC will do the same
as ISR to notify Taiwan researchers and encourage them to conta-
ct researchers from Australia to establish joint projects and

4, Selected Areas of Research Interest

Each cooperating agency may select specific areas of research
interest and solicit from its research community research prop-
osals in these areas. In such case, the agency concerned will
notify the other of its selected areas. Both agencies may also
exchange views on their respective selected areas to promote mu-
tual understanding and cooperation in areas of mutual research

5, Protection of Intellectual Property

The parties recognize the importance of their respective intell-
ectual property rights in the works applied and created in the
context of research and technical activities. Intellectual prop-
erty rights in that context will be allocated on the basis of
respective contribution and equitable interests. Similarly rewa-
rds for the exploitation of intellectual property rights will be
allocated having regard to these principles. Intellectual prope-
rty to be defined in terms of Article 2 of the WIPO Convention (
Stockholm 14 July 1967).

It is recognized that the allocation of intellectual property
rights will occur on the basis of a research and technology man-
agement plan developed for each project by the project proponen-


The information exchange and dissemination activities outlined
in this Memorandum of Understanding will complement exchanges of
researchers resulting form individual to individual or universi-
ty to university agreements.

This Memorandum of Understanding shall take effect from the date
of signing. It shall remain in force until terminated by either
party giving six (6) months notice in writing. It may be amended
at any time by mutual written consent of the parties.

In witness whereof, the undersigned being duly authorized thereto
, have signed this Memorandum of Understanding in the English la-

Signed in duplicate in the English language at Sanctuary Cove on
this tenth day of
September, Two Thousand.

For the Taipei Economic and For the Australian Commerce and
Cultural Industry Office
Office, Australia

Timothy C. T. Yang Sam Gerovich
Representative Representative