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1.Signed on September 26, 2001 Entered into force on September 26, 2001
Considering the mutual benefit and importance of providing for a
long term and stable source of science and sustainable developm-
ent, protecting the global environment and sustaining the econo-
mic, social and ecological future of our societies, the State of
Oregon of the United States of America and the National Sicence
Council in Taiwan, hereafter referred to as "the parties,"wish
to provide a framework for technical co-operation between the P-
arties on the basis of equality and reciprocity. The Parties ha-
ve agreed upon the following:
A.The scope of cooperation under this Memorandurm of Understand-
ing shall include the areas of basic science and sustainable
devlopment planning and management, and such other areas as t-
he Parties may agree upon.
B.Under this Memorandum of Understanding, the State of Oregon of
the United States of America and the National Science Council
in Taiwan are responsible for the implementation of cooperati-
ve activities. Ths Parties and their designated representativ-
es shall seek to involve relevant organizations, science agen-
cies, research institutes and industrial companies in order to
enhance this cooperation.
Both Parties will endeavour to encourage, promote, and facilita-
te cooperation between interested enterprises, institutions, as-
sociations,and organizations.
Activities of cooperation may include, but are not limited to,
the following:
A.Exchange of information;
B.Exchange of administration experience;
C.Conduct of joint research projects;
D.Exchange of scientific and technical personnel for participat-
ion in agreed upon research, development, analysis, design and
experimental activities;
E.Organisation of setminars and other meetings on agreed topics;
G.Other forms of cooperation in the area of sustainable develop-
ment and science related fields as may be mutually agreed upon
A.When the designated representatives, under the authorization
of the Parties, agree to undertake cooperative activities und-
er this Memorandum of Understanding, they will conclude an Im-
plementing Arrangement, which shall become an annex to this M-
emorandum of Understanding.
B.Each implementing Arrangement shall specify the scope of avti-
vites, management responsibilities, specific funding arrangem-
ents, budget and schedule estimates, operating procedures, tr-
eatment of intellectual property, liability and other appropr-
iate matters.
C.All cooperative activities undertaken pursuant to specific Im-
plementing Arrangements under this Memorandum of Understanding
shall be subject to the respective laws, regulations, policies
, administrative procedures and funding authority that govern
the Parties and their designated representatives.
D.Each designated representative shall appoint a programme coor-
dinator to be repsonsible under its asuspices for the overall
coordination of Implementing Arrangements.
In accordance with this Memorandum of Understanding, each party
shall offer representatives of the other Party such assistance
as they may need when abroad for the purpose of fulfilling the
tasks assigned to them.
A.Each Party shall treat any information designated by the othe-
r Party as confidential as such, unless it is compelled to di-
sclose this information by law, in which case it shall so not-
ify the other Party beforehand.
B.In all other cases, the parties and their designated represen-
tatives support the widest possible dissemination of informat-
ion provided, exchanged, or arising from this Memorandum of U-
derstanding subject to the need to protect proprietary infor-
mation, inventions, copyrights and other intellectual property
C.Details concerning the protection and allocation of intellect-
ual property and the dissemination of information will be spe-
cified in each Implementing Arrangement under this Memorandum
of Understanding.
The Parties will conduct further discussions required for the i-
mplementation of this Memorandum of Understanding. This Memoran-
dum of Understanding will become effective on the date of signa-
This Memorandum of Understanding and its Implementing Arrangeme-
nts may be amended by mutual written agreement of the Parties.
A.Either Party may terminate this Memorandum of Understanding at
any time by notification to the other Party in writing six mo-
nths in advance of the desired terminiation date.
B.Termination of this Memorandum of Understanding shall not aff-
ect the validity or duration of activities agreed upon pursua-
nt to this Memorandum of Understanding and intiated prior to
such termination.
In witness thereof, the undersigned, duly authorised by their r-
eprsentative Parties, have signed this Memorandum of Understand-
ing in English language only.
Done in Taipei, on the twenty-sixth day of September in the year
two thousand and one.
For National Science Council, in For The State of Oregon, The
Taiwan United States of America
Che-Ho Wei John Kitzhaber
──────────────── ──────────────
Mr.Che-Ho Wei Mr.John Kitzhaber
Chairman Gopvernor