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1.Signed on January 11 and February 21,1991; Entered into force on February 21,1991.
This Implementing Arrangement describes the cooperative scienti-
fic and technical activities to be undertaken by the American I-
nstitute in Taiwan (AIT) and its designated representative, the
Charting and Geodetic Services (C&GS) of the National ocean Ser-
vice (NOS) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrati-
on (NOAA), to undertake a joint absolute gravity measurement ca-
mpaign in Taiwan with the Chung Cheng Institute of Technology (
CCIT), the designated representative of the Coordination Council
for North American Affairs (CCNAA). The purpose of the campaign
is to begin monitoring vertical crustal motion, which is a major
concern for NOS in providing vertical reference for absolute sea
level measurements for a globally distributed network of tide g-
auges, under an international and NOAA program on Climate and G-
lobal Change. Vertical crustal deformation is particularly seve-
re over subducting oceanic plates, such as the margins of the P-
acific Ocean, where reference for several tide gauges will have
to be provided. In addition, CCIT is interested in the monitori-
ng and prediction of destructive earthquakes and volcanic pheno-
mena, both of which are corollary activities over subductive pl-
ate margins. Periodic high-precision gravity observations are o-
ne of the important tools to use in studying these phenomena as
The monitoring of vertical crustal motions will require repeat
absolute gravity observations at selected sites at approximately
three-four year intervals. This Implementation Arrangement cove-
rs only the first, initial set of absolute gravity observations,
anticipated to last approximately three weeks of observations in
The activities described in this Implementing Arrangement will
be carried out under the general terms and conditions establish-
ed by the Agreement between AIT and CCNAA for Technical Coopera-
tion in Geodetic Research and Use of Advanced Geodetic Technolo-
gy. This Implementing Arrangement is hereby attached to that Ag-
reement and becomes part of that Agreement .
AIT's designated representative, NOAA/C&GS, will consult with C-
CNAA's designated representative, CCIT to 1) define criteria for
the establishment of suitable sites for high-precision absolute
gravity observations, 2) review the candidate sites and select
three sites for occupation with the NOAA/C&GS absolute gravimet-
er, and 3) determine a mutually agreeable schedule to take the
NOAA/C&GS absolute gravimeter to Taiwan for the field observati-
The phases of the absolute gravity project involving NOAA/C&GS
and CCIT personnel will include:
A. Instrument set up, establishment of vacuum, and thermal stab-
ilization, adjustments (three sites);
B. Absolute gravity observations (three sites);
C. Collection of environmental data, such as temperature, atm-
ospheric pressure, seasonal precipitation, soilsamples for m-
oisture determinations (three sites);
D. Relative gravity observations to determine vertical gradient
and transfer values to floor reference marks (three sites);
E. Final processing of gravity data, including corrections for
environmental effects;
F. Preparations of final report and exchange of all data;
G. Scientific seminars and consultations on high-precision grav-
imetry, including instrumentation, environmental corrections,
and geophysical applications.
A. In accordance with the Agreement, CCNAA will reimburse AIT f-
or all costs incurred by AIT, and its designated representat-
ive, NOAA/C&GS, in association with this Implementing Arrang-
B. The reimbursable funding required by AIT, and @ its designat-
ed representative, NOAA, for the activities described in this
Implementing Arrangement is mutually agreed not to exceed US
$15,000, transferred in advance to the initiation of the fie-
ld observations representative, NOAA, for activities describ-
ed in in Taiwan.
C. Per further mutual agreement, additional funding for and pro-
vision of transportation for NOAA/C&GS equipment and personn-
el in Taiwan will be provided by CCNAA to AIT, without any c-
harge to AIT.
A. NOAA/C&GS, the designated representative of AIT, and CCIT, t-
he designated representative of CCNAA, mutually support the
widest possible dissemination of information provided, excha-
nged, or arising under this Implementation Arrangement, subj-
ect to the need to protect pre-existing proprietary informat-
ion, patent, and copyright restrictions.
B. All raw and processed data collected, information developed,
and interpretive documentation prepared by either participan-
ts will be available on request from NOAA/C&GS, the designat-
ed representative of AIT, and CCIT, the designated represent-
ative of CCNAA.
C. Further distribution of data and information will be in the
open scientific literature, under joint authorship by the re-
presentatives of NOAA/C&GS , the designated representative of
AIT, and CCIT, the designated representative of CCNAA.
D. Liabilities for the accuracy of data and information released
by NOAA/C&GS, the designated representative of AIT, and CCIT,
the designated representative of CCNAA, and for their suitab-
ility for any use are subject to the conditions stated in the
This Implementing Arrangement is effective on the date of the l-
ast signature hereafter.
This Implementing Arrangement may be amended and/or terminated
in accordance with the Agreement.
The execution of the absolute gravity observations in Taiwan is
estimated to take place in the February 1, 1991 and March 31, 19
91 time window; all data processing and reporting will be compl-
eted no later than six months following the termination of the
field work.
Clarke N. Ellis
Deputy Managing Director
Date: January 11, 1991
Stephen S.F. Chen
Deputy Representative
Date: Feb. 21, 1991