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1.Signed on December 1 and 31,1992; Entered into force on January 1,1993.
The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) in t-
he Hague and the National Science Council (NSC) in Taipei, with
a view to developing closer scientific relations based on the l-
ast three years cooperative activities have agreed to review the
implementation of their scientific cooperation, by means of the
exchange of scientific personnel and information on research re-
sults, national science policies and research promotion. Also j-
oint research projects may be executed (see Ⅲ) in future.
Ⅰ. These activities will be encouraged by both institutions in
all fields of scientific endeavour, including humanities, s-
ocial sciences, natural sciences and technical sciences.
1. The sending party shall nominate candidates for exchange
visits and propose them to the receiving party. Priority
will be given to those scientists who have academic ties
with their counterparts in the host country.
2. The duration of visits will be determined from case to c-
ase after consideration of the recommendation from the r-
elevant counterparts in each country. The total duration
per year of all visits together under this paragraph and
paragraph Ⅲ (joint research projects) shall not exceed
24 months .
3. The sending party shall pay the costs for international
transportation, the receiving party shall provide living
expenses. The receiving party shall also provide support
for research- related domestic travel expenses within the
receiving country, as well as the costs for a medical in-
surance during the period of the visit. Administrative m-
atters and further details relating to the implementation
of this programme will be dealt with by exchange of lett-
ers between the two parties.
1. Normally a joint research project will involve one or mo-
re scientists of one country spending some time in the o-
ther to do research at the host institution. The endorse-
ment of both the home institution and the host instituti-
onis therefore a pre-requisite.
2. The sending party shall pay the costs for international
transportation, and the receiving party shall provide wi-
th living expenses. The receiving party shall also provi-
de support for the research-related domestic travel expe-
nses within the receiving country, as well as the costs
for a medical insurance.
3. The amount awarded to the visiting scientists shall be d-
etermined on a case to case basis. The NWO and NSC will
both make their existing funding channels available to p-
articipating scientists.
4. While the stay of a visiting scientist should be nelrible
, it is understood that such a stay shall normally be be-
tween one month and at most one year (without prejudice
to paragraph 11.2).
5. When proposals for joint research are sent to NWO and NSC
, the total costs to be derived from various sources sho-
uld be clearly indicated.
6. When joint research project results in publication in a
scientific journal, credit should be appropriately given
to NWO and NSC in such publication.
Ⅴ. This agreement will be in force from January 1, 1993 and can
be reviewed every three years. It will continue to be valid
until either party notifies the other of its intention to t-
erminate the agreement, in which case any existing exchange
activity will be brought to orderly conclusion. The notific-
ation shall be made at least one year in advance of the ter-
mination of the agreement.
for the Netherlands Organization
for Scientific Research (NWO):
Dr. J. Borgman
Place: The Hague
Date: 1st December 1992
for the National Science
Council (NSC):
Professor Han-Min Hsia
Place: Taipei
Date: 31st December 1992