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1.Signed on August 7, 1999; Entered into force on August 7, 1999.
The Crovernment of the Republic of China and the Govenunent of
the Repubiic of Macedonia (hereinafter referred to as "the Cont-
racdng Parties")

CONSIDERING the friendly relations between the two countries,

CONSCIOUS of the importance of culturein fostering understanding
, mutual respect and peaceful coexistence between nations,

AWARE that development can only flourish where it is rooted in
the culture and tradition of each country,

NOTING UNESCO's definition of culture as comprising "the whole
complex ofdistinctive, spiritual, material intellectual and emo-
tional features that characterise a society or a social group n-
ot only in arts and letters, but also in models of life, the fu-
ndamental rights of the huuman being, value system, tradition a-
nd Deliefs."

DESIROUS of promoting and ensuring cultural cooperation between
the two countries,

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1
The Contracting Parties, recognising therein the importance of
culture in all issues, plans and/or proposals arising from this
Agreement, shall, subject to the laws and regulations prevailing
in each country, recognise and respect the cultutal identity of
each other country and work to words the preservation and deve-
lopment of culture assets.

Article 2
The Contracting Parties shall cooperate in the promotion and co-
ntinuity of traditional arts, and the development of their resp-
ective arts and artists, and give full scope tb artists to proj-
ect their art and skills as part of national growth and develop-

Article 3
The Contracting Parties shall, subject to the laws and regulati-
ons prevailing in each country, endeavor to develod and ensure
better understanding of their respective. culture, and to this
end shall cooperate in the fields of culture and arts through:
l.organizing exchange programs for musical and theatrical groups
, artists, actors musicians. writers and cultural adminisstat-
2.encouraging and organising concerts and performing tours of t-
roupes and studying tours on culture and arts in their countr-
ies; and
3.holding exhibitions on culture and ars in the territory of one
Contracting Party by nationals or organizations of the other
Contracting Party.

Article 4
For the purpose of furthering the understanding of each other's
culture and civilization, the Contracting Parties shall, subject
to the laws and regulations prevaiiing in each other's country,
agree to encourage:
(1) cooperation in the translation and publication of outstandi-
ng works of literature and arts produced in the territory of
one Contracting Party;
(2) exchange of views, information and materials concerning ant-
iquities, history and arts;
(3) exchange of books, magazines, newspapers, audio publications
; and
(4) exchange of non-commercial cinematographic films and televi-
sion programs, dealing with culture, arts, education and to-

Article 5
The Contracting Parties shall cooperate in the fields of cuitur-
al research and documentation for the preservation, promotion a-
nd development of their cultural herirage.

Article 6
Tne Contracting Parties shall encourage participation and coope-
ration of their representatives in congress, conferences, semin-
ars, lectures, rours and other meetings in the fields of social
sciences and culture.

Article 7
Each Contracting Party shall take necessary measures to prevent
and discourage:
(1) illegal trafficking of national culture properties and art
treasures of the other Contracting Party; and
(2) infringement on copyright of literature and artistic works
produced by nationals of the other Contracting Party.

Article 8
Tne Contracting Parties shall cooperate in the field of museum

Article 9
The Contracting Parties shall take all necessary measures to pr-
omote cooperation in the development of cultural tourism in the-
ir countries.

Article 10
The Contracting Parties shah settle through diplomatic channels
all disputes which may arise from the interpretation or imoleme-
ntation of this Agreement.

Article 11
This Agreement may be amended by mutual consent of both Contrac-
ting Parties through exchange of diplomatic notes.

Article 12
For the purpose of implementing of this Agreement, the Contract-
ing parties shall jointly elaborate and coordinate concrete pro-
jects within the terms and conditions of this Agreement through
diplomatic channels.

Article 13
This Agreement shall not affect the validity of any obligations
arising from other international agreements, conventions, treat-
ies or protocols conducted by either of the Contracting Parties.

Article 14
This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of exchange of
notes by the Contracting Parties confirming that their respecti-
ve legal requirements have been compiled with, and it shall rem-
ain in force for a period of five (5) years. Thereafter, this A-
greement shall be automatically extended for an additional peri-
od of one (1) year, unless written notice of termination is giv-
en by one of the Contracting Parties, six (six) months prior to
the expiry of this Agreement.

IN WINESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorised there-
to by their respective Goveernment, have signed this Agreement.

DONE in duplicate, in the Chinese, Macedonian and English langu-
age, all texts being equally authentic, this seventh day of the
eighth month of the eighty-eighth year of the Republic of China,
corresponding to the seventh day of the eighth month of the year
one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine. In case of divergenc-
es, the English text shall prevail.

For the Government For the Government
of the Republic of China of the Republic of Macedonia

──────────── ──────────────
Shieh Lin Chen -chi Boris Corevski
Minister of Culturai Affairs Deputy Minister of Culture