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1.Signed on May 18, 2000; Entered into force on May 18, 2000.
The National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv (hereinafter r-
eferred to as the University), 64, Volodymyrska Street, Kyiv 010
17, represented by Mr. Victor SKOPENKO, Rector of the University
Council for Cultural Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the Co-
uncil), 102 Ai Kuo East Road, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China,
represented by Madame LIN, Chen-Chi, Chairperson of the Council.

IT IS AGREED as follows:

The University and the Council agree to set up an annual Ukra-
ine-Chinese Cultural Award (hereinafter referred to as the Aw-
ard) funded by the Council and managed by the University for a
term of five years, renewable for another five years on expir-
ation by mutual agreement. The Award is to enhance cultural c-
ollaboration and to encourage more researches on Chinese Cult-
ural in Ukraine.
The Award Candidates can be private or state research institu-
tes, or universities/colleges in Ukraine.
3.Amount of the Award
The amount of the Award is US$20,000 annually presented to one
winner that will be decided by the Jury stated in Artide 4.
A panel of Juries (hereinafter referred to as the Jury ) comp-
osed of 8 experts and representatives appointed by both the U-
Council, 4 from either party and accepted by the other. The R-
ector of the University and the Chairperson of the Council wi-
ll be co-chairmen of the Jury. The Jury shall be set up to sc-
reen and select the most feasible and distinguished proposal
among those presented by the potential candidates received be-
fore the deadline.
5.Financial Arrangement
5.1 The University shall open a bank account in the name of Ukr-
aine-Chinese Cultural Award Fund for managing necessary exp-
5.2 The Council shall provide an annual Award fund of 26,000 US
dollars effective from year 2001 and deposit it into the ac-
count mentioned in Para.5.1 before 15 February every year.
6.Allocation of the Fund
6.1 20,000 US dollars shall be used as the Award.
6.2 6,000 US dollars shall be used as administration fees for t-
he University to implement the Agreement.
7.1 A Board of Operation shall be set up to monitor the impleme-
ntation of the Agreement with the Rector of the University
and the Chairperson of the Council as Go-Chairmen and a num-
ber of Board members appointed by each party.
7.2 The Secretariat, consisting of members appointed by the Uni-
versity and approved by the Board of Operation, is in charge
of the daily operation and management of the Fund.
8.Application and Selection Procedures
The University may put forward its recommendations according
to its common practice.
9.Award Presenting Ceremony
An Award Presenting ceremony shall be given every year at an
appropriate time and place in Kiev approved by the Board of O-
peration. The Chairperson of the Council and guests recommend-
ed by the University and the Council shall be invited to atte-
nd the ceremony and related activities.
The Secretariat shall prepare an annual report to the Board
of Operation for review by the end of every year.
After consultation the University and the Council may agree
to terminate the Agreement prior to the expiry date. In the
case of early termination, the University shall return the b-
alance in the account of the Fund to the Council within one
month from the date of the termination.
IN WITNESS WBEREOF the undersigned, being duly authorized by
their respective institutions, have signed this Agreement.
On May, year 2000

─────────────── ─────────────
Helen Chen-Chi LIN Victor SKPENKO
Chairperson Rector
Council for Cultural Affairs National Taras Shevchenko
Executive Yuan University of Kyiv
R.O.C. Ukraine