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1.Signed on October 26, 1993 Entered into force on October 26, 1993
This agreement is made between the Industrial Development and I-
nvestment Center, having its registered office at 19th FL. 4 Ch-
ung Hsiao W. Rd., Sec. 1, Taipei, Taiwan, hereinafter referred
to as IDIC and Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior, S.N.C., hav-
ing its registered office at Camino a Santa Teresa No. 1679, Me-
xico City, Mexico, hereinafter referred to as BANCOMEXT concern-
ing mutual promotion and cooperation of investment for the busi-
nesses of both parties.
Both IDIC and BANCOMEXT are willing to cooperate in the fields
of co-production, technology transfer and investment between Ta-
iwanese and Mexican businesses and have agreed as follows:
1.IDIC and BANCOMEXT will each take necessary steps to exchange
information on the investment environment and incentives for
the potential investors represented by both parties. They will
notify each other and potential investors about this informat-
2.IDIC and BANCOMEXT will respectively encourage and assist its
firms to set up production facilities and associated trade, e-
xhibition, distribution, or service facilities in the country
of the other party. They will assist the investors from the o-
ther side to file investment applications or other necessary
details and to provide them with other services after the app-
lication is approved.
3.IDIC and BANCOMEXT will promote the visits of investment miss-
ions between the two parties and take notice to extend cooper-
ation and assistance to visitors recommended by the other par-
4.IDIC and BANCOMEXT will hold co-sponsored investment seminars
for the businessmen of both parties.
5.IDIC and BANCOMEXT will hold meetings when necessary to discu-
ss areas of cooperation in Mexico or in Taiwan.
6.IDIC and BANCOMEXT will treat as strictly confidential all in-
formation obtained from the other party concerning specific c-
ompanies and/or projects pursuant to this agreement, and will
not divulge any such information to a third party without the
prior written consent of the other party and the company conc-
erned. This obligation on confidentiality shall survive any t-
ermination of this agreement.
7.IDIC AND BANCOMEXT will pursue to foster associations or stra-
tegic alliances deemed necessary between businesses of both p-
8.IDIC AND BANCOMEXT will focus their promotional efforts on ex-
port-generating investment projects.
9.IDIC AND BANCOMEXT agree to avoid and discourage investment p-
rojects that have polluting processes or that are negative to
the environment.
10.This agreement will not prohibit either IDIC or BANCOMEXT fr-
om entering into the same kind of agreement with any third p-
11.All communications between IDIC and BANCOMEXT under this agr-
eenlent or in connection herewith shall be made in English.
12.Matters not provided for hereunder shall be decided through
consultation between IDIC and BANCOMEXT.
13.Both parties will meet at least once a year to analyze the p-
rogress of any action undertaken hereunder and agree to any
possible further enhancement to this agreement.
14.This agreement will be in effect for two years following its
execution date and will be automatically extended for a like
period unless either party advises the other, by means of a
six-month prior written notice, that the party wishes to ter-
minate said agreement.
IN WITNESS whereof this agreement has been executed by the d-
uly authorized representatives of IDIC and BANCOMEXT hereto
on the 26th day of October 1993.

Signed by Signed by
[Signed] [Signed]
Mr. Picky Y, S, Kao Mr. Jose Angel Gurria Trevino
Director General President and C.E.O.
Industrial Development & Banco Nacional de
Investment Center, M.O.E.A. Comercio Exterior, S.N.C.