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1.Signed on May 12, 1990; Entered into force on May 12, 1990.
This agreement is entered into between the Industrial Developme-
nt & Investment Center in Taipei, hereinafter referred to as the
IDIC, and the Industrial Development Authority of Ireland, here-
inafter referred to as the IDA.

It is the desire of IDIC and IDA to create favourable conditions
for resi- dents and companies of the private sector of Taiwan a-
nd Ireland to make investments in both places for greater econo-
mic cooperation.
Therefore, it is agreed between the IDIC, represented by its Di-
rector General, Mr. John C. I. Mi, and the IDA, represented by
its Managing Director, Mr. Padraic A. White, and in anticipation
of resolutions to be passed by IDIC and IDA to finally ratify t-
his agreement that :

1 IDIC and IDA will each take necessary steps to exchange infor-
mation on the investment environment and incentives for the p-
otential investors of both sides. They will notify each other
and potential investors about this information.
2 IDIC and IDA will take necessary steps to improve business co-
nditions and to offer facilities of favourable conditions the-
mselves. They will promote and assist potential investors to
utilize thoes facilities.
3 IDIC and IDA will respectively encourage and assist its firms
to set up production facilities and associated trade- , exhi-
bition-, distribution-, or service- facilities in the country
of the other party. They will assist the investors from the
other side to file investment applications or other necessary
details and to provide them with other services after the app-
lication is approved.
4 IDIC and IDA will promote the visits of investment missions b-
etween the two parties and take notice to extend cooperation
and assistance to visitors recommended by the other party.
5 IDIC and IDA will form a working committee to meet on a regul-
ar basis. The committee should be comprised of personnel assi-
gned by both parties to work alternately in Taiwan and in Ire-
land for suitable periods to enhance the cooperative relation-
ship and technical interchange.
6 Both parties are fully aware of the fact that any decision ma-
de by residents and companies of the private sector from both
sides in favour of the said facilities mentioned above is exc-
lusively the result of a private business initiative, and IDIC
and IDA do not take any legal responsibility in this regard.

Signed in Taipei on May 12, 1990. [Signed]
[Signed] Padraic A. White
John C. I. Ni For the Industrial
For the Industrial Development Auth-
Development & ority of Ireland
Investment Center in [Signed]
Taipei Wellington Y. Tsao
Chairman General
Euro-Asia Trade