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1.Signed on November 8, 2011; Entered into Force on November 8, 2011.
The Customs Service of Taiwan and the Italian Customs Agency,
hereinafter referred to as “ the Parties ”,

Acknowledging the importance to enhance adequate information and
sharing of experience between the Customs Service of Taiwan and
the Italian Customs Agency;

Considering that offenses against customs laws are prejudicial
to the economic, fiscal and commercial interests of their
respective customs territories;

Recognizing the need for international cooperation in matters
related to the administration and enforcement of the customs
laws of their respective customs territories;

Having regard to the international conventions containing
prohibitions, restrictions and special measures of control in
respect of specific goods;

Recognizing that the cooperation between the Parties in
accordance with the provisions of the MOU, will increase the
efficiency of customs control;

Have agreed to the following:

Article 1
Scope of the Cooperation
In order to ensure trade safety and facilitation, as well as
effectiveness in fighting against illegal and criminal acts, the
Parties, according to the terms and conditions set out in this
MOU, will cooperate to share their experience in the field of
risk management, customs controls, laws and customs

Article 2
General Provisions
1. The Parties will carry out the activities provided for under
this MOU in accordance with their respective laws and
regulations, and subject to the availability of their funds
and human resources.
2. The Parties will cooperate under the MOU in compliance with
the agreements that both of them have signed with other
international organizations and third Parties.

Article 3
Contents of Cooperation
1. In order to improve risk management, the Parties will
cooperate in:
- analyzing their risk management systems, sharing the
results by means of visits and assessments;
- learning from each other ’ s best practices, so as to
develop a joint risk assessment model over the trade flow,
and to establish criteria through which to exchange the
details included in the joint assessment model.
2. In order to strengthen customs control, the Parties will
undertake the following cooperation:
- to exchange information on the technologies and techniques
of customs controls on shipments of goods;
- to communicate information for the accurate assessment of
customs duties of the imported goods;
- on request, to provide information regarding origin of
goods exported from its territory with details in the
authenticity of the certificate of origin;
- to exchange their know-how and experience in customs
3. Acknowledging the damages brought by customs offences, the
Parties will undertake the following cooperation:
- to inform each other of the results stemming from control
measures on shipments in severe customs offences, also
referring to restrictions provided by EU legislation;
- to divulge and emphasize effective methodologies to
identify reliable companies;
- to cooperate in organizing seminars and events, concerning
the enforcement of customs legislation and latest fraud
4. In order to provide each other with technical assistance in
customs matters, the Parties may organize mutual customs
visits to provide training and assistance in building up and
developing specific capacities of their own officials.

Article 4
Ways of Cooperation
1. In accordance with the scope of the MOU, the Parties, within
their competence and in accordance with their legislations,
will encourage direct communication between the two customs
authorities through their contact points.
2. In order to define in detail the actions to be periodically
implemented, and to monitor and disseminate the results of
those actions, the Parties may hold meetings to draft the
relevant operational documents.
3. The officials of the Parties will meet, whenever necessary,
to discuss the matters connected with implementation of this
MOU and other issues of mutual interest including meeting
concerning training issues and professional development of
the officers.

Article 5
Confidentiality of Information
1. Information obtained under this MOU shall be accorded the
same degree of confidentiality by the receiving Party that it
applies to similar information in its possession.
2. Information obtained under this MOU may only be used or
disclosed for the purposes specified in this MOU, including
use in judicial, administrative, criminal or investigative
proceedings. However, this Article shall not preclude the use
or disclosure of information received pursuant to this MOU to
the relevant law enforcement authorities of its customs
territories, to the extent that there is an obligation to do
so under the respective legislations. In these cases, the
requesting administration shall give advance notice of any
such disclosure to the requested administration.
3. Notwithstanding the paragraph 1 of this article, upon request
of the requested administration, the requesting
administration shall treat information received as
confidential except to the extent necessary to fulfill the
purposes of this MOU.

Article 6
The costs incurred for the implementation of this MOU shall be
borne by the respective Parties.

Article 7
Final dispositions
1. This MOU enters into force from the date of last signature.
Amendments to this MOU can be made by mutual consent of the
2. Disputes and divergences concerning application and
interpretation of the provisions of this MOU shall be settled
by the Parties.
3. This MOU is concluded for an unlimited period of time. It can
be terminated by either Party at any time by giving at least
30 calendar days ’ written notice to the other Party. The
termination of this MOU shall not affect the ongoing
cooperation activities, undertaken prior to the date of

Signed in duplicate in the English language.

For the Customs For the Italian
Service of Taiwan Customs Agency
Hwang, Ding-Fang Giuseppe Peleggi
November 8, 2011 November 8, 2011
Taipei Rome

<List of nominated contact points>

In compliance with Article 4 of the Memorandum of Understanding
on operational cooperation between the Customs Service of Taiwan
and the Italian Customs Agency, signed today November 11, 2011,
in Taipei, the following Offices have been nominated as contact
points for any activities related to the above mentioned
Memorandum of Understanding:

For the Customs Service of Taiwan:
Department of Collection & Procedures, Directorate General of
10F., No. 13, Tacheng St., Datong District, Taipei City 10341,
TEL: +886-2-25505500 ext.2927
FAX: +886-2-25597322

For the Italian Customs Agency:
Central Directorate for International Relations, Via Mario
Carucci 71, 00143 Roma;
+39 06 50246003-2044

Taipei, 11 November 2011

Chao-Hsiang Liao Giuseppe Favale
Director Head
Department of Central Directorate for
Collection & Procedures International Relations
Directorate General of Italian Customs Agency
Ministry of Finance,